May 28, 2022

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Paralympic Games: Bitter-tasting bronze medal for Aurelie Reward

Paralympic Games: Bitter-tasting bronze medal for Aurelie Reward

Para-swimmer Aurelie Reward (S10) entered the Paralympic Games podium for the sixth time in her career on Wednesday after finishing third in the 50-meter freestyle final. The bronze medal does not need to be added to her collection.

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The current Paralympic champion at the event, Cubeser, posted the second fastest qualifying time of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Anastasia Gontar.

In the grand final played a few hours later, Reward did not live up to his expectations.

She turned off the chronometer in 28.11 seconds. Once again, Anastasia Gontar was fast with a time of 27.38 seconds, which is 0.01 seconds faster than the world record held by Reward. Dutch chantelle Gizderweld (+0.04 seconds) won the silver medal.

After the race, you can see the frustration on the face of the athlete of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, who participated in the first international event in almost two years due to the epidemic.

“There are many things I did wrong. I’m not really a sprinter so I tried to compensate by swimming at a higher speed and lost some distance. I slowed down as the race progressed,” Aurelie Rewards commented in an interview with Sport‌com.

Also in action on Wednesday, Alexander Elliott (S10) was stopped from qualifying for the men’s 50 freestyle. He finished fifth in his wave in 25.22 seconds.

Australian Rowan Crowthers won the gold medal with a time of 23.21 seconds. He finished second in 2016 at the Rio Games Paralympic Champion, Ukrainian Maxim Kripak (+0.12s), as well as Brazilian Philipp Andrews Melo Rodriguez (+0.29s).

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When she returns to training in Quebec, Aurelie Reward will need a follow-up period at the Tokyo Aquatic Center.

Poolside and outside, the 25-year-old para-swimmer in the Japanese capital is a big factor in the heat to underestimate by his own entry.

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“I was really hot and it made me feel a little weird,” she says. There are some things I can not remember and feel less comfortable with. I’m looking for my benchmarks. It was frustrating, I would try to put it in the pool before I left it. “

Reward hopes to make people quickly forget this bronze medal at his next event and climb one or two steps of the podium. She qualified for the 100 freestyle on Saturday to defend her title at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

“I’m still happy the first day is over and the ice is broken. I don’t want this race to reflect all of my preparation. […] I give the evening to be angry and frustrated, and then move on. ”

This is Canada’s second medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Earlier on Wednesday, track cyclist Keely Shaw won a bronze medal in the 3000m individual event in the C4.

Canada got off to a good start in women’s basketball

The women’s wheelchair basketball team advanced to the semifinals with a 73-54 victory over the British team on Wednesday at the Tokyo Paralympics.

It was the Canadians’ first game in the Japanese capital and their first international outing in almost two years due to the epidemic.

However, the big star of the day was Kathleen Dandeno. Adapts to British Columbia and her figures are no doubt. She managed a triple double in the win, totaling 32 points, 20 rebounds and 11 assists.

“She’s a star player, I’m not surprised, she works very hard and she really deserves her success,” Quebecar Rosalie Lalonde told Sportcom, scoring 20 points in this duel to dominate her opponents. Including 15 in the fourth quarter.

The first two quarters were fiercely competitive as representatives of Maple Leaf led from 29th to 26th. However, Quebec head coach Mark Antoine Ducharm does not need to make any adjustments before the re-opening of the art. In fact, his defense increased the gap from 48 to 36 in the third quarter.

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“We were scared of such a start to the match. We knew the first half would be chaotic, time to come back, find our rhythm and release the pressure, Lalonde said. No one was scared and I personally knew we were going back up. No problem.”

In the Canadian setting, Cindy Ovalet scored three points against two for Élodie Tessier. Sandrine Berube did not play. In terms of British and silver medalists at the 2018 World Championships, Madeleine Thompson is the top scorer with 11 points.

The Canadians qualified for the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2019, reaching the final of the Paragon Am Games in Lima, where they won a gold medal. They will resume action against the Japanese on Friday. The men’s team, comprising Quebecs Jonathan Vermette and Vincent Dollier, will begin their tournament with Spain on Thursday.

Wheelchair Rugby: Canada loses

The Canadian team, based on the Kebasiers Fabian LaVoy, Anthony Leturnie and Patrice Simard, played their first game at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. She was in the overall game, but lost 50-47 to the fourth-placed British at the 2018 World Championships.

They took a two-point lead in the first quarter and were able to hold it until the end of the 32-minute game.

Albertan Jack Model was the most prolific in the Canadian camp. He finished the game with 31 points on the trail. Simard exited the scoresheet, while Latourney finished with two points. For its part, Laoi was not used.

Head coach Patrick Cote will face Team USA in their second match of the tournament on Thursday. Three matches are scheduled in the preliminary round before the semi-finals and classification matches.

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Pierre Mainville exited in the 16th round

Pierre Mainville, the only wheelchair-bound Cubser to reach the Saber Elimination Round on Wednesday, was stopped in the Category B knockout stage.

The Saint-Columban athlete finished the group round with a win and four defeats. The file that allowed him to access the next step. His run came to an end after a 15-9 setback at the hands of Frenchman Maxim Wallet.

Maineville lost to Wallet in his first duel. The French delegate finished fourth in the competition. According to Maineville in its fourth Paralympic Games, “too much accumulated fatigue” led to this poor performance.

Matthew Hebert also struggled with four losses in several duels in the group round. An excursion he described as a “difficult day in the office.”

“It’s a shame it’s happening in games. I’m slow compared to the others in my chicken. They appeared in their own class. It’s a very fast game, especially at the beginning of action and apparently I’m not in it.”

On the women’s side, Ruth Sylvie Morel lost four fights a day in A hens, including Georgian Nino Tibilashvili, the silver medalist.

“The pandemic changed all our plans and by doing exercises every day and watching my opponents, I wanted to be ready. Unfortunately, they changed their fighting style and I did not get used to dealing with them quickly,” Morel said.

Maineville will fight in épée on Thursday, with his native Ryan Roussell in action in Category B. Active in Category A.

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