March 21, 2023

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Third link: Blanchett separates his personal location from the block | Elections Canada 2021

Third link: Blanchett separates his personal location from the block |  Elections Canada 2021

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett continued to campaign in the Quebec City area on Wednesday, questioning him again about this infrastructure project. This time, however, he was keen to separate his opinion from his party position, after suggesting the day before that his candidates should share his thoughts on the issue.

Many people who do exceptional work are very persistent to know my opinion, my opinion is important., He lamented.

Do not confuse the position of the block and the serious request that I should give more personal analysis. Tell me in a flash, I became one again Ex, He began at a press briefing mentioning his role as a panelist on the show with political taste Ex, Aired for several years on ICI RDI.

It does not change the location of the block, it tells Ottawa: Take care of your own business, write your check.

A quote from:Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, leader of the Black Cubacois

The party position I have been expressing from the beginning, He decided to do so.

At the beginning of the campaign, in fact, Mr. Blanchett said that Black Liakois was going to remain neutral regarding the third link. He argues that this way a federal party does not have to have an opinion on the matter, but blocks the issue of ensuring respect for the relevant Quebec courts in this matter.

Reduce greenhouse gases by avoiding sidewalks?

However, on Tuesday morning, the block leader Let him test himself through more personal analysis As he passed through Pont-Rouge, he was on a project to build a tunnel between Quebec and Lewis. He specifically told himself Intelligent To the claims of the people on the south coast of Quebec, it is argued that the project will have a positive impact on the environment.

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After refusing to do so on Tuesday afternoon, he was again asked to clarify his thoughts on the matter on Wednesday. Do I want to do a Quebec government job instead of a Quebec government? Not clear, He stressed at first.

I believe that the third link will have a positive contribution in terms of the environment, especially as a large number of vehicles emit greenhouse gases each to avoid a significant bypass., He explained, has the project The potential for public transportation between the two economically highly integrated urban centers.

According to him, there are ways to change projects to provide a positive contribution to the environment. And it is very rare – all projects combined – to say a positive attitude: it’s a total yes or a total number. Because it does not allow the development of projects.

The rest belong to the state of Quebec, Then he fell.

Critics of the project believe that the third link has not been linked to a strong offer in terms of public transport, and that in the long run, adding cars to Quebec roads poses a risk. According to them, the Quebec government is instead Tried to green the motorway project By reserving two lanes for buses and electric cars.

Asking for funding

The question now arises in the federal election campaign as Quebec seeks Ottawa to finance 40% of future infrastructure spending, What did the Conservative Party promise if it came to power.

We are the only party in favor of the third link, Erin O Tool underlined at a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, indicating that this is an important project not only for motorists, but also for exporters and companies.

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Cubeseckers in Ottawa deserve to have a strong voice and Mr. Blanchett has changed his position a few times, He he said.

Ahead of the election, the federal government rejected Franకోois Legalt, who appealed that he no longer finance projects. Motor finger. However, the Liberal Party is ready to fund part of the public transportation project, a position shared by the New Democratic Party (NDP).

While in Windsor on Wednesday morning, Jagmeet Singh argued that the NDP was against the project. This is not a project that will bring our goals to reduce greenhouse gases and invest in infrastructure that will help combat the climate crisis, so this is not a project that we support.