May 23, 2022

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This strange malware stops the Kovid-19 infection rate

Un homme sur son PC portable

For almost a year now, our daily lives have been interrupted by information related to Kovid-19. Most of us check our Kovid-19 infection rate on a daily basis. Justin Blinder has created an application inspired by this situation in which he presents himself as an “artist, technologist and researcher”.

This application called Pandemic Pulse allows you to download it voluntarily Malware On your computer. Once installed on your device, this virus will slow down your processor depending on the rate of Kovid-19 infection in the area where you are. This app was developed by Justin Blinder to help us realize the impact of the epidemic in another way.

Credits Robin Raj Premchand – Pixabay

Please note that this application will not harm your computer. As Justin Blinder points out, you can turn it on and off at any time.

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Malware that affects your computer resources

The fact that he voluntarily downloads malware on his computer may come as more than one surprise. In general, we do our part to protect ourselves from viruses. But according to Justin Blinder, the malware he created was harmless.

In an interview with Vice Site, he explains that it is a virus “It infects computer resources just like Kovid-19 infections and deaths in your area.” Justin Blinder hopes his app will make them “Clear and disturbing epidemiological data on an individual level.”

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An application intended to raise awareness

The pandemic pulse slows down your processor as the infection rate increases. On the other hand, it darkens your screen depending on the number of Kovid-19 related deaths in the area where you are.

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With his application, Justin wants to inform us about the effects of the Blinder pandemic.

“Pandemic Pulse is an intervention aimed at raising awareness about the severity of the epidemic”, He suggests.

It should be noted that the data used by the Pandomic Pulse are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Therefore the application only works in the United States.

Those who are more interested can access the source code of the application on Justin Blinder’s GitHub page.