December 6, 2023

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Conflict at Olimel Factory: Union rejects mediation

Conflict at Olimel Factory: Union rejects mediation

We prefer the treaty because we are convinced that the agreement negotiated in principle is still within our purview and that it is short-lived., Said in a statement, Union President Martin Maurice.

It adds to it The two parts are not far from each other. He assures us that union employees are more likely to find a solution than to leave any decision in the hands of an arbitrator.

The next step, the minister asks Boulette To the mediator he appointed to resolve this labor dispute, Jean Poyer, to handle mediation blitz. The two parties will meet again on Friday to ideally find an agreement before Sunday evening.

Earlier this week, Olimel warned that the ownership would keep it, without a deal End of evening shift, From Monday. This will result in the loss of 500 jobs.

Paul Beauchamp, Olimel’s first vice president, explained that reducing operations at the Wally-Junction plant was the only way to keep the company afloat in the face of tensions.

The mediation arm stretched out. There is still time [de trouver une entente], But the room for maneuver is limited.

A quote from:Jean Boulette, Minister of Labor

For his part, Paul Beauchamp said he was very disappointed with the union position. He confirmed that if the way out of the crisis is not decided by the end of the week, employees will lose their jobs.

We will not let go

At Wally-Junction, near the factory, the striking workers fully accepted the decision to reject the mediator.

Olimel should be reasonable. If it makes sense, we will too. This is a two person game. This is the time to be serious and have the opportunity to negotiate with us, Pierre Vallée promised.

We have to decide for ourselves, not the person on the other side of the world. We will not let go, Leopold assures Clement, but is adamant that the deal will not be reached by Sunday.

Charlotte Tekitila shared their opinion. She also noted that the situation was critical. I was tired of being at home, we needed work to start over, things were going well. This is what we want.

Jean-Noel Grenier, a professor of industrial relations at Laval University, said that mediation was a good solution because, in mid-August, 57% of workers said they did not want to To the provisional agreement submitted to them by their union.

This shows that there are very important internal conflicts, He stressed. He is afraid of it The longer the conflict, the stronger the differences between the people.

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