May 23, 2022

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Great confusion around the vaccine passport at work

Great confusion around the vaccine passport at work

Contrary to what his health minister Christian Dubey said earlier, Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt believes employers need their employees to have vaccination passports, which adds to the confusion over getting back to work.

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“What we recommend, public health recommends, is to stay on the telework. But those who want to come back or have to come back for their company or their company capacity, the employer will decide how it works,” the head of government suggested at the council entrance yesterday.

The departure comes from Mr. Legalt at the same time as Public Health recommended that employers postpone returning to work due to the Delta variant increase.

If a company wants to recall its employees, it can download the Vaccicode Verification application to monitor the vaccination status of its employees.

But these changing government positions are creating uncertainty for employers, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are swayed by decisions.

“We need clear instructions to help businesses as much as possible, and we need to amend the rules to make sure they are protected,” said Franకోois Vincent, vice president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, in an interview. Newspaper.

Many subsequent SMEs now fear that the vaccine issue will “and end with complaints and prosecution”.

The situation is changing rapidly

The same story applies to law firms and human resources consultants who receive many calls not only from owners of SMEs, but also from large firms.

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“The advice we gave yesterday was not up to date and it may not be up to an hour old. Things are moving so fast and the rule of law is not clear enough at the moment.

Appreciated decision

In addition, the news is welcomed as a fresh breath as other companies in the business community are increasingly compromising to get back into office.

“We now recognize that the vaccine passport can also be used by employers who want to provide a safe work environment,” said Michelle LeBlanc, CEO of the Metropolitan Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

“This is great news, because for many months we have been asking for flexibility and some agility for employers,” said Carl Blackburn, president of the Quebec Employers’ Council.

– In collaboration with Charles Lecavalier, Parliamentary Bureau