May 23, 2022

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Link 3: Trudeau Concerned About the Social Approval of the Project | Elections Canada 2021

Link 3: Trudeau Concerned About the Social Approval of the Project |  Elections Canada 2021

We’ll be there to listen […], But the reality is that we are very concerned about the environmental issue and are well aware of the socially acceptable issues of the third link, Justin Trudeau said at a press conference.

Like I said, for the public transportation component, we are interested to see what we can do. But we will not make a final decision before accepting the final project.

The leader was motivated to respond to his remarks the day before when he indicated on a radio in British Columbia that the future Liberal government was committed to being a partner. Highway tunnel repair in western CanadaHowever, a project similar to the third link that he seems to oppose.

The George Massey Tunnel in British Columbia is a long-standing tunnel and has been around for a lifetime, and it faces security issues. Just as we are partners in the repair and restoration of the La Lantine Tunnel for the Champlain Bridge, we are going to be partners., He explained that no official decision has yet been made regarding the George-Massie Tunnel.

The third link is a completely new project, and people are concerned about the environment, social acceptance and, as I said, we are interested to see the public transportation department.

The Franకోois Legalt government is currently demanding that Ottawa bear 40% of future infrastructure costs. In the run-up to the election, Justin Trudeau opposed the removal of the government from Mr. Legalt, accusing it of no longer funding projects. Motor finger.

However, as Mr. Trudeau repeats today, he says he is ready to provide financial assistance for part of the project related to public transportation. We have not received the final project for the third link in Quebec. We agree that they have extended the deadline for submitting this final project, He he said.

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To comments that want the George-Massey tunnel to be different from Link 3, Franకోois Legalt on Thursday rebutted that the projects still share a lot. Great similarities. In both cases, We add lanes for cars In a tunnel dedicated only to public transport, he said in summary.

Justin Trudeau is gone Promise of federal money to expand the tunnel [à Vancouver], So we are talking not only about restoring a tunnel path, but also about widening it. A road tunnel, He insisted.

In its current form, the project reserves two of the six lanes of the tunnel for public transport. The estimated bill is $ 6 billion to $ 7 billion, but Quebec suggests that costs at this point may be 10 to 35% higher than their initial estimate. The final bill could therefore reach $ 10 billion.

Quebec is committed to providing the funds it seeks if Canada’s Conservative Party comes to power. In the case of the New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh instead shared an equal position with Justin Trudeau due to environmental fears.

Earlier this week, the leader of the Black Cubacos created a surprise by claiming to be himself Convinced Than the third link May have positive environmental benefits, After indicating at the beginning of the campaign that his party would remain neutral on the matter.

He subsequently Black separated his personal position from Cubacois.

In response to a backlash from federal leaders, Prime Minister Legalt called on Quebecs to: I urge Quebecans, especially those in the Quebec City area, to carefully listen to the responses of federal leaders on this important issue. […] It is time for party leaders to clarify their ideas.

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