July 5, 2022

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Guy Ovalet Arrest: “Evidence” Destroyed According to Investigators

Guy Ovalet Arrest: "Evidence" Destroyed According to Investigators

In a 192-page statement, Lieutenant Caroline Grenier-Lafontaine and Inspector Andre Boulanger were suspended after arresting a deputy for comedy, defending their work and their integrity.

They made disturbing allegations about a lawyer for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP). Improper fixation Sûreté du Québec (SQ) on the former Director General, Martin Proudhom. They also question the potential of other police officers.

Their allegations were reported to the Independent Bureau of Investigation (BEI) in 2019, which sheds light on their conduct, the manner in which the investigation was conducted, and the financing of sensitive documents that occurred during the mature trial. Liberal Party of Quebec.

According to Carolyn Grenier-Lafontaine and Andre Boulanger, researchers AT Never met them to find out their story. That is why they decided to write a statement filed in the Superior Court and made it public on a large scale on Friday.

True Will be unknown

Since June 2017, senior executives Carolyn Grenier-Lafontaine and Andre Boulanger have convened a small team of researchers for Project A, responsible for shedding light on journalist leaks.

Led to the trial On October 25, 2017, a member of the Chomedey Guy Ouellette was arrested without charge. In the month of June, UPAC apologizes For this arrest Unfair.

However, Carolyn Grenier-Lafontaine and Andre Boulanger justify their investigation. Courts have never heard the truth about Project A. All evidence supporting or invalidating theories has been destroyed. […] Now the truth about it will never be known. Not by yourself or by anyone […] And we will never bear the burden you want to bear for the boching, directing or disruption you know.

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They ask DPCP To lift their privacy commitment Prevents telling the truth about the news They caught.

Helplessness On Martin Proudhom?

It is learned that the two investigators had a difficult relationship with the Deputy Chief Prosecutor DPCP Betty Laurent, because of her Improper fixation About Martin Proudhom. Your Laurent says he was considered a suspect in the journalistic leak investigation because of his numerous telephone exchanges with Guy Ovalet. Suspicious communication, According to her. There is definitely a rule they violate when talking to each other, She says.

I like Laurent Director General SQ The wiretapp should have been done at the time, the researchers refused, believing they had no evidence to support such an operation.

The prosecutor told them The SQ She was repeatedly interrupted During the Mature trial in 2016, and she caught up with Martin Proudhom Responsibility Of its.

Mi Laurent has one Focus Too much exaggeration towards the CEO [directeur général] Martin Proudhom.

Friday The DPCP Released a statement to reiterate His complete confidence Towards Mi Laurent, the two suspended police officers citing allegations There has never been a legal debate and by doing so, Mr. Boulanger and Mrs. Grenier-Lafontaine represent the arguments.

Mi Laurent himself made a statement AT who Rejects, clarifies or keeps these allegations relevant.

Corrupt colleagues?

Caroline Grenier-Lafontaine and Andre Boulanger also fired red bullets at their suspected former Project A colleagues.

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Sergeants questioned the integrity of Christine Saint-Laurent and Julie Dumis, who, according to them, were able to transmit sensitive information to former police officers Stefan Bonhoeme and Richard Despatis, who are suspected of having an affair with Guy Ovalet.

Caroline Grenier-Lafontaine and Andre Boulanger also questioned the integrity of Detective Louis Dufor, who could reveal details to colleagues according to the project.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police interrogated Ms. Saint-Laurent, but there were no charges against her or Ms Dumis or Mr Dufour.