March 1, 2024

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Mandatory vaccination | Uncertain results according to INSPQ

Mandatory vaccination |  Uncertain results according to INSPQ

Although the vaccine is “part of the arsenal available” to fight the (Quebec) pandemic, there is a risk that such a measure could strengthen the refractive position. According to the National Institutes of Public Health (INSPQ), the results of mandatory vaccination programs are also uncertain.

Funny Levesque

Funny Levesque

The INSPQ believes that mandatory vaccination of health workers is an “extraordinary strategy to be considered”, and awareness-raising interventions in the field continue to persuade skeptics. Sanctions should also “not punish employees unequally”.

But it is very difficult to measure the effects of a mandatory vaccine on vaccine coverage. In countries where certain vaccines are mandatory, the parliamentary committee on compulsory vaccination of INSPQ President and CEO Nicole Domstoy, Nursing staff and others explained on the last day that the “impact is variable”. “Working groups have a long relationship with citizens”.

In addition, she said that in other countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Greece we do not have enough backwardness to assess the outcome of mandatory vaccinations in the case of the imposition of Kovid-19.

In contrast, liability “has a reversible effect” in individuals who oppose vaccination. “This approach works for those who are a little skeptical, skeptical, and fearful,” said Illustrated Ève Dubé, an anthropologist who specializes in vaccine contraction.

According to surveys conducted by INSPQ, the proportion of Quebec population suspected of being vaccinated rose from 15 to 7% last spring. However, this ratio further decreases, “attitudes towards the vaccine become more polarized”.

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Regarding the extension of the mandatory vaccination for teachers, the INSPQ opinion is the “standard […] There is no need for that right now ”. Thursday, dR Horacio Aruda points out that Public Health does not currently recommend taking this measure. This is not the intention of the Legalt government at this stage.

“Thank you to all the members of the Parliamentary Committee and the stakeholders, wrote Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey on Twitter on Wednesday evening. [Santé publique] Will be finalized next week. “

“Save the Children”

The Quebec Association of Early Childhood Centers is in favor of a mandatory vaccination for faculty. “It is our responsibility to protect children,” said Genevieve Belizeley, general manager of the association. However, it is proposed to provide “accommodation” for educators who refuse to be vaccinated, for example through regular screening.

The Federation des Segeps and the Bureau of Cooperation InterUniversities have expressed their “need for a safe return to school”, especially the imposition of masks in class, and vaccinations on campuses that do not appear to be of use at this stage.

According to the Autonomous Education Federation, the government must prove that “vaccination of teachers” is mandatory, while “some students and their parents are not vaccinated.” Sylvain Mallet, president of the Federation of Trade Unions, said: “This could be a false sense of security. The Central des Union du Quebec also spoke of this fear.

In most settings where compulsory vaccines apply, fears are expressed about service interruptions due to labor shortages.

The Health and Social Services Commission is expected to not submit recommendations to the government, which has been criticized by opposition parties.

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