June 30, 2022

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Ruth Ellen Brosso enters election campaign for NDP | Elections Canada 2021

Ruth Ellen Brosso enters election campaign for NDP |  Elections Canada 2021

To be honest with you, there is not a day that I do not think about federal politics, Said Friday when she announced her candidacy. Ruth Ellen Brosso lost in 2019 and has since worked on her husband’s farm in Yamachee.

Despite some accusations that she was slow in announcing her decision, several members of her party expected her to run again. The NDP has approached her for the current campaign. Before she could confirm her candidature, party leader Jagmeet Singh publicly rejoiced to see her ranks, Speaking of her being a “star candidate”.

To justify this delay, Ruth Ellen Brosso explained that she would like to contact her family and find solutions to mitigate the impact of her departure on the farm and the local buying program company she buys. The farmer sees hiring laborers as a challenge.

She also said that her schedule was very busy. In the last two weeks, we have 1200 bales Unload, She said at a press conference held at her family farm Le Rear Sanglier.

The candidate will start her election campaign two weeks after most of her opponents, which she does not consider an obstacle. She took her old signs out of the attic to make sure there was as much visibility as possible.

Ruth Ellen Brosso also admitted to being contacted Other parties, Reluctant to give more details. My family The NPD, She insisted. According to our sources, the Liberal Party of Canada was among those who approached her in the hope of appointing her.

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Whether she ever wants to run for the NDP leadership, Ruth Ellen Brosso overcame the question by saying that her goal is to win a seat in Bertier-Muskinongo.

Ruth Ellen Brosso worked on the farm with her husband in Yamachiche for two years.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Franకోois Fortier

Before leaving for Sudbury, Jagmeet Singh took the time to call the candidate in front of the media to congratulate him on his return to politics. Since I think we are going to make a real difference in the lives of voters in Bertier-Muskinong‌, I hope you will be just as excited as yourself! Started the NDP leader.

Ruth Ellen Brosso was first elected in Bertier-Muskinong in 2011, the Orange Wave spread across Quebec, with Jack Layton as party leader. The young woman made headlines when the media revealed that she did not speak French and that she had gone on holiday to Las Vegas during the election campaign.

She later won the hearts of many voters, reached a second term, and rose through the ranks to become a House Leader. NPD.

In October 2019, she was defeated by Black Quebacois candidate Yves Perron by just 1500 votes.

As two candidates prepare to cross the sword in the September 20 election, block leader Yves-Franకోois Blanchett agrees to measure up to Yves Perron An interesting opponent.

Says to himself Good player, He welcomed Mrs. Brosso’s statement A certain excitement, Most Not a big concern.

The outgoing deputy puts it in front of him Highly positive results […] In a very short period of just 20 months. […] We also demonstrate that NDP values ​​are what Quebec wants and do not meet the aspirations of Quebecs., Said Yves Peron.

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Lawyer Alexander Bellemare will represent the Liberal Party of Canada, while Leo Souliers, a municipal councilor from Saint-Geneva-de-Bertier, will test his luck for the Conservative Party of Canada.