December 6, 2023

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Vaccine Passport: Quebec plans to make it more difficult to obtain a QR code

Vaccine Passport: Quebec plans to make it more difficult to obtain a QR code

a IT expert contacted by Radio-Canada Succeeded in generating fake vaccine passports in just a few hours.

Radio-Canada was able to successfully scan the fake QR codes generated by our source.

Photo: Radio-Canada

At least four elected officials, including Franకోois Legalt and Christian Dubey, complained Thursday of identity theft after hackers obtained their QR code.

Disorienting effects according to Eric Kier

Minister Eric Khair, who is responsible for the protection of personal information, pointed out that hackers used public information against complainants to execute their evil trick. According to the elected official, most cubs need not fear.

We want the QR code to be easy to download and use. The goal is to have a common tool for the entire population, Whether he reacted to the Morning Show The first hour.

As a result of these new developments, obtaining a QR code will become more difficult, Minister Cairo admitted. Talks on this will take place in the next few hours. However, he believes the additional measures could have disastrous effects on ordinary people.

We will discuss with the Minister of Health this morning, we will assess the inconvenience and if we need to get the QR code more complicated, we will., He adds.

But what I am saying is that this complexity is in a legal way, even for people who want to get it. And it can limit QR code usage and that is not what we want.

A quote from:Eric Khair, Minister responsible for the protection of personal information

The situation was taken seriously

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) emphasizes that the situation is serious, but accessing public places with a fake vaccine passport can also be complicated by a false QR code.

A vaccine-proof cell phone from the Quebec government is placed on a table next to a working keyboard.

Proof of the Quebec government digital COVID-19 vaccine was sent in the form of a QR code. This code can be downloaded in the VaxiCode app.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Olivia Lapierre-Roy

The QR Code and the personal information contained therein shall not be used without the consent of the persons concerned., MSSS underline in a press release sent to the media on Friday morning. While the vaccine passport is in effect, merchants must have a photo ID to verify the identity of the customer who submits his QR code..

Therefore, in addition to putting oneself at risk of prosecution, a person who wants to use another person’s QR code to enter the organization that requires a vaccine passport will be denied access and reported to police officers.

A quote from:Department of Health and Social Services

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was disappointed

It did not take long for the opposition reactions to come to light. Solidarity MP Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois sent a letter condemning Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt‌ Awkward mate zeal In an age of data leaks, cubes are becoming more of a concern than ever before.

While confidence in the public health measures imposed by your government in the midst of the health crisis is crucial to our collective success against the virus, this confusion is unacceptable, He writes.

Mr. Nade-Dubois demanded that a parliamentary commission be set up on the benefits and potential risks of the vaccine passport. He also seeks a plan from the Legalt government Close this disturbing security breach.

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