December 6, 2023

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CHPF’s “shock” film to call the state for help

Tahiti, August 27, 2021 – The Tawon Hospital Center on Friday published a double “shock” photo of President Emmanuel Macron’s intervention. A clear call from health officials “More Reinforcement” From the State.

In a post published on the Facebook page of the French Polynesia Hospital Center (CHPF) on Friday, the company produced an impressive photomontage of the Republican President’s intervention on July 24 at the hospital center, attached to the current photo of Satisfied Hospital Nav, installed by Kovid Patients. “Within a month and to cope with the arrival of patients, the hospital itself was transformed from a reception center in the Polynesian tradition into a hospital service for Kovid patients.”, CHPF commented.

The message from the hospital to state officials was not clear: “Fully mobilized, our country is fighting against Kovid-19, but now needs to be further strengthened”. CHPF to recall the words of the President of the Republic during a recent visit: “This is Polynesia, this is France, you will be saved”. Words initiated by Hospital Center Direct Appeal: “We are now Mr. President Emmanuel Macron And we have faith in you. “

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