March 24, 2023

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Lakh jobs for whom?

Lakh jobs for whom?

(Ottawa) Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, his Conservative rival Erin O’Toole and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will pledge 1 million jobs to boost the economy if their party forms the next government on September 20.

The problem that businessmen have widely pointed out is that there are no workers to replace these great jobs that are languishing in this election campaign. In their opinion, the solution lies in a significant increase in economic migration.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Propose a Bold Target: Gradually Raise Immigration Targets to Welcome 500,000 Financial Immigrants a Year by 2030, while Canada currently welcomes 200,000 a year.

“We can promise to create jobs, but if there is no one to fill them, we are no longer there,” said Veronica Proulx, president and general manager of manufacturers and exporter du Quebec (MEQ).

In recent years, labor shortages have been steadily intensifying in urban centers as well as in rural areas. There is a situation where business owners reject contracts, cancel shifts or reduce working hours.

These cries of alarm are nothing new. Businesses, however, are surprised that this aspect of economic recovery has not yet been resolved after a two-week typical election campaign.

Statistics Canada also reported this week that the number of vacancies reached a new high this summer, mainly due to vacancies in accommodation and food services. Thus, in June, 815,000 locations did not find a taker in the country.

According to the Federal Agency, the highest number of vacancies (10 out of 8) are in the service sector. It is estimated that there are 129,100 vacancies in the accommodation and food services sector and 109,300 vacancies in the health care and social assistance sector. Fill 50,000 positions.

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“There was a lack of consistency in what we heard during the campaign. Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Toole promised 1 million jobs, but it would not work if we could not fill the currently vacant positions. This is the biggest obstacle to economic recovery,” adds Veronica Prouls.

His organization seeks to rectify this error by unveiling an “election platform” this Saturday, which contains a number of recommendations aimed at tackling one of the major obstacles to economic growth.

One of the main ones is related to immigration goals. The proposal will be invited into the election campaign. MEQ conducts two virtual debates, one in English on Monday and the other in French on Wednesday to hear solutions suggested by different parties.

“We are investing hundreds of billions of dollars to revive our economy, but there are no people to work in our factories and offices across Canada. And this is especially true in Quebec. , ”Said M UnderlinesTo me Prolux.

Another proposal from the MEQ “Platform” would require the federal government to submit standards for the August agreement between Ottawa and Quebec to other provinces, which would increase the number of workers from 10% to 20%. Temporary foreigners are counted by companies in their workforce.

One-third seeks to simplify and reduce access to permanent residence for foreign students and temporary foreign workers.

“If we want to ensure a lasting recovery, it needs a clear game plan. We need to identify the key areas we need, what investments we need and what talent we need. But we need manpower.”

The pandemic, which closed borders for several months, has upset Canadian government immigration targets. In 2019, Canada welcomed 341,000 immigrants. In 2020, only 185,000 newcomers were welcomed on Canadian soil.

This year, the federal government hopes to reach its target of 401,000 immigrants. In 2022, we are targeting 411,000 new permanent residents. The country last crossed the 400,000 new milestone in the early 1900s.

According to business people, if we want to fill many vacancies, contribute to economic growth and finance our social programs, Canada will not be able to keep its doors open. And the election campaign is the perfect time to discuss it.