September 26, 2022

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Leave your QR code to laminate, “unsecured method”

Leave your QR code to laminate, "unsecured method"

The information in the vaccine passport, such as the QR code, is sensitive. Several members elected to the National Assembly circulated on their network social networks on Friday that a hacker had used an error in a government self-service site.

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This violation worries citizens, who make sure their QR code is secure. This is the case of Manon Luzier, who went to the Bureau N Gross store in Salberry-de-Valleyfield on Friday morning to laminate her QR code, which contained a physical copy.

Waiting list for 300 to 400 people

“I was informed that there was already a waiting list, with 300 to 400 people waiting to code laminate,” she told LCN on Saturday.

“They asked me to leave my code with my phone number and [ils ont dit] They would call me back a week later when the code was laminated. I did not want to leave it as the name and date of birth were on paper, yet I gave them my phone number and email. It did not seem to me to be a reassuring method. ”

Ms. Lucier said there were two people in front of her who did not even want to keep their QR code in the store.

“I went home and did not leave my QR code,” she apologized. Do not give your QR code to anyone and do not allow people you do not know to be scanned, ”the minister said.

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However, this practice does not seem to be common. TVA Nowels has contacted stationery stores along with other bureau ngros branches in the metropolitan area: they all say that laminating the QR code can be done in a matter of minutes.

TVA Nouvelles called the Bureau’s Grass Head Office to bring the situation to light at its Saliberberry-de-Valleyfield branch, but the company still did not respond to our calls.