March 21, 2023

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US launches ISIS ‘operator’ attack in Afghanistan

US launches ISIS 'operator' attack in Afghanistan

The U.S. military says on Friday it carried out a drone strike against the Islamic State “organizer” in Khorasan (IS-K), which was responsible for the deadly attack on Kabul airport.

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“An unmanned airstrike took place in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. At first indications, we killed the target,” Commander Bill Urban said in a Central Command press release, adding that he did not know of any civilian casualties.

In addition, the United States has asked its nationals to leave the Kabul airport area.

The United States embassy in Kabul on Friday asked American nationals to leave the airport premises with a security alert.

“US citizens currently at Abbey Gate, East Gate, North Gate or New Interior Gate should leave immediately,” the embassy said on its website. The day before the attack on Thursday, a similar warning was issued.

More details are yet to come.

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