July 7, 2022

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CHSLD Heron: His name is nobody

CHSLD Heron: His name is nobody

So, if I understand correctly, no one is responsible for what happened in CHSLD Heron.

It’s not anyone’s fault.

The effect of change

Residents were wonderfully dehydrated.

As such, alone.

No one would let them walk their shit, no one would forget to feed or drink them.

I’m also.

Madness, right?

  • Listen to Richard Martino’s editorial on QUB Radio:

Conspirators see the reasons why no one is.

On the other hand, the justice system does not look at causal relationships where they are.

I guess all these deaths were the result of random coincidences.

Possibility effect.

Like Highway 13 Bundogil in March 2017.

Again, it’s not anyone’s fault.

I want to meet him, no one! Aren’t you

In Quebec, he is responsible for everything that goes wrong.

When something goes wrong, it’s not anyone’s fault.

Who did it? Someone.

Who is responsible? Someone.

Who charges? Someone.

Who is going to jail? Someone.

Ever since he was in chaos in the province, we have never seen his face?

From the Bureau of Investigation I have a mission for Felix Sagwin and his gang: Find me the most pious man, I want to interview him!

A new word

I have a new motto for Quebec.

No: “Jay Me Soviets”, a slogan that is even more ridiculous in Quebec, no one remembers anything.

But: “The worst happens. “

Or, in French: “It just so happened. “

Why did the Concorde Viaduct crash on September 30, 2006, crushing a vehicle and instantly killing its five passengers?

We do not know. It just so happened.

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He was there, bang, he was no more.

And in 2009 Caisse de dépét et placement du Québec lost 40 billion? Who is responsible for this?


They disappeared until nightfall!

Proof that no one is responsible for this financial disaster: A few months after a 40 billion hole in our collective wool stockpile was secretly discovered, Henry-Paul Rousseau, who was headed by Kaisei at the time, was appointed vice chairman. Power Corporation and Power Financial Directors!

If he was responsible for this failure, Mr. Rousseau would not have been appointed to such a prestigious position, right?

We lost 40 billion because we lost 40 billion, that’s all!

It happens!

They were there, they were no more.

Nobody knows what happened …

Why would you want all the expense to find the culprit?

We do not know

It’s still awesome …

The most harmful people in our society are dying in horrible, unpleasant, inhumane conditions, but no one is responsible!

Not only that, we feel there is no criminal negligence!

What does it take for people in Quebec to be declared criminally responsible?

Do you want videos that show them playing Tetris when they are two meters away?