May 25, 2022

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Conflict at the Olimel plant: management and union come to a new agreement

Conflict at the Olimel plant: management and union come to a new agreement

Through a press release, the union dictates it Quickly calls its members to a general meeting. In a message posted on Twitter, Labor Minister Jean Boulette suggested that it take place on Tuesday.

In principle the first consequence of this deal is that company executives will stop threatening to cancel the evening shift, resulting in the dismissal of 500 jobs. Removal letters are due Monday morning.

Wally-Junction Mayor Very, very happy

Olimel ownership, which faced the possibility of a settlement, agreed to postpone sending the removal letters until Wednesday morning., It was written in a press release.

Mardi, The company has issued this ultimatum The strike, which began in late April, is expected to have the worst economic consequences.

In an interview with Radio-Canada on Sunday evening, Wally-Junction Mayor Real Bison was relieved.

We can’t wait for a better ending, He said, knowing that the labor dispute was not over.

Real Bison acknowledged that the labor dispute was the biggest problem he had ever faced as a Valle-Junction mayor.

Photo: Radio-Canada

By August 14, the two parties had reached an agreement in principle. Workers turned down three days later at 57%.

This prompted Labor Minister Jean Boulette last Thursday to suggest a mediation process. Management immediately accepted it; In the evening, the union announced that it was rejecting it.

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