June 26, 2022

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Flight of Butterflies or Mara Tremble | Tap

Flight of Butterflies or Mara Tremble |  Tap

Two years after celebrating the 20th anniversary of his album Chihuahua, Mara Tremble goes back once again. Butterflies – Demos Shows its drafts that have changed Butterflies And he proved to be faithful to the raw emotions of the first moments of creation.

Alexander Vignalt

Alexander Vignalt

We chatted for a few minutes when Mara Tremble woke up to bring something to her condo room, where she installed several musical instruments. She comes back with the tape in her hand. “I’ve been looking at my desk for 20 years,” the singer-songwriter said, “but I don’t have the device to read it.”

On the tape, song demos Butterflies, Her second album, in which we are so much more Aurora, But the texture is rock and raw country-folk. The raw pieces, sometimes deliberately broken, invite the ear as close as possible to the spark that gave birth to them.

Butterflies – Demos First of all it imposes this consideration: everything is already there. The guiding principle of songs is their composition and the lively emotion that makes your heart beat faster.

Creation at that time was a necessity, a, medicine, a tool. This is my way. It is circulating everywhere [dans ma vie], And creation is my anchor.

Mara Tremble

Aurora, The song that Mara Tremble says is highly representative of her, which is not in the demos due to rights issues. We will not lose in change: the song, as heard on the album Butterflies, Model. “I think it’s flawed to identify people with that version because it’s completely crude,” she says. We tried to do it again, but we did not succeed. ”

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As personal as the album

You do not have to be modest to publish song samples, they are essentially imperfect. “I’m not completely naked now [que sur mes albums]. Maybe I’m also a drowning person … I always want to get out of my shoes, she explains. To me, the album is so personal. ”

There is no surface, either in sound or in image. That’s music that sounds like me.

Mara Tremble

Once in the studio, Mara Tremble and her teammate Olivier Longwin provided the vocals, emphasizing the breaks and moments of madness and the singer sometimes surrounded by a surprisingly soft voice (she says “this is the first time I’ve ever sung like that”).

“I know the emotion I want to carry, but the sounds, so far we are looking for them,” she says. Nothing came to mind when you entered the studio. This is a laboratory. Together, they developed a subtle and sound environment that was unheard of in Quebec at the time.

She decided to publish her demos among others to mark her departure from Audiogram, a record company where she was born a singer-songwriter. A heartfelt decision motivated by the sale of the label to Quebec. She believes she owes everything to audiogram founder Michael Belanger, and that without him, the link would have been broken. Butterflies – Demos Appears on KatMuzik, a label founded by his great friend Catherine Durand.

Mara Tremble set aside the anniversary tour Chihuahua What she wanted to do before the epidemic and focus on itJust for you, Published in the spring of 2020. Otherwise, she would no longer compose. But she doesn’t care.

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“I’m happy. I do not care,” she said. If it’s coming, it’s coming. I’m not a dry well.

Butterflies - Demos

Butterflies – Demos

Mara Tremble