May 22, 2022

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French language | Greens are attacking Quebec government bill 96

French language |  Greens are attacking Quebec government bill 96

Greens are not the only friends in Quebec.

Chief Annami Paul said she wanted the House of Commons committee to consider the provisions of Quebec Government Bill 96 on the French language.

“The parliamentary committee should thoroughly review the bill to determine whether there are constitutional concerns and the consequences of its approval if other provinces attempt to take action.” The future is comparable, “she said in a press release.

When it was introduced in May, the bill received unanimous support from the National Assembly.

M.To me Paul Quebec denies wanting to interfere in jurisdiction. She said there was a debate about Bill 96 among constitutional scholars.

“Many experts fear that this will have major consequences in the way it describes the Canadian Constitution and its amendment process under the 1982 Constitution Act,” she said, without mentioning that Quebec had not re-enacted the constitution.

She expressed concern that Parliament did not have the opportunity to study the bill from the National Assembly.

The Green Party leader criticized the federal government and other federal parties for not responding properly. “One of the main functions of Parliament is to protect the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” she said. This role requires a full legal review of these bills and extensive debate in both Houses of Parliament before they come into force. ”

The Green Party candidate in Quebec, Shawn MacArthur (Pontiac), fears that the use of the clause will encourage other provinces to use it. “This provision is actually only used in exceptional circumstances,” he said.

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The Green Party recognizes that Quebec has the right to protect the French language and to strengthen its use in the province, but this can only be done by formulating effective measures “without infringing on the rights or freedoms and rights of minorities.”