March 21, 2023

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Grace Nora hurricane Nora hit Mexico days ago last week

Grace Nora hurricane Nora hit Mexico days ago last week

(Mexico) After last week Kindness, Hurricane Nora The state of Jalisco on the Pacific coast hit Mexico on Saturday night, along with heavy rain.

The Hurricane’s Eye landed on the Sapphire-Simpson Scale, Category 1, near Tomatlan (Jalisco) at 5 a.m. GMT. It will continue its trajectory towards Nairobi, ”the National Weather Service (SMN) said.

According to the latest bulletin from the American Hurricane Center (NHC), the hurricane was expected to make landfall “along the coasts of Jalisco and Nairobi states during the night and extend to Sinaloa during the night”.

The area has already received 150 to 250 mm of rain, and waves have reached 3 to 5 meters at Colima and Jalisco beaches, SMN said.

The hurricane caused some damage in Jalisco, where authorities said landslides broke on the national highway, as well as houses on the Chihuahua lawn and trees collapsed, resulting in the closure of part of the motorway.

No injuries were reported.

Authorities in Jalisco have called residents home and Puerto Vallarta’s international airport has been closed since Saturday afternoon.

Fifteen shelters were set up and guards were hired to help the people.

“Parallel to the coast”

GMT Sunday morning at 3 p.m., 85 km south / southeast of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco and 485 km from Cabo San Lucas in Baba California. According to the NHC, it is moving north at a speed of 26 km per hour, with continuous winds of 130 km / h.

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The NHC said the hurricane’s eye “will continue to be close to the Mexican coast for the next few hours,” moving “parallel to the Mexican coast” before continuing through the Gulf of California. However, the US Hurricane Center did not rule it out Nora Can change direction to go in and out.

A week ago, a hurricane hit Mexico Kindness, Which was a Category 3 hurricane landfall in Veracruz (East). Kindness Killed eleven in this state and in Puebla (center). The country was also damaged in the center and east, with melted roofs, damaged roads and power cuts.

Kindness Struck Mexico twice, the first time there was no loss of life or major damage off the Caribbean coast; Two days later, after becoming a “major” Category 3 hurricane, it hit the state of Veracruz with winds of 205 km / h, before heading weakly toward the Pacific on Sunday.