May 24, 2022

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“He does not answer questions”: Federal leaders and the political tape | Elections Canada 2021

"He does not answer questions": Federal leaders and the political tape |  Elections Canada 2021

Following the announcement of paid sick leave, the Conservative leader asked questions from journalists: Vaccine passport, environment, Afghanistan and, Muscat Falls hydroelectric mega project, the most important thing in the province.

I did not hear him answer any questions, Mary started the carmiere after the event, was angry. We heard so many words, But not really Responses, She noted.

Even at Muscat Falls, he did not say why he would say yes or no if he supported the funding [de 3,2 milliards de dollars promis par le gouvernement fédéral], She was shocked.

After the press briefing was over, the original answer came later. Communications Director Erin O’Toole sent a written statement to the media via email stating that the Conservative government would honor the agreement signed by Ottawa with Newfoundland and Labrador.

Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative Party in Canada, spent many days sharing information from his Ottawa studio.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Ryan Remiorge

However, this is not the first time a Conservative leader has clarified his views after several hours of questioning by the media. Previously, he had criticized Justin Trudeau for several days about the leadership error in the Afghan file, but did not specifically explain how he would have acted differently.

Three more concrete proposals were finally unveiled on Twitter on Thursday night in a video recorded at Mr O Tool studio away from the eyes of journalists on a flight to Newfoundland and Labrador when the video was released.

We think the conservatives want that Take their time before the answer comes, Explained Genevieve Tellier, a political scientist and professor at the University of Ottawa. And they do if they can Try to give without journalists, From their studio facility in Ottawa – the atmosphere they control.

The reason is that they are very careful not to correct the clumsy statement later., Adds Mrs. Tellier. It finds Shame On the other hand, voters do not always know At the bottom of the idea Leaders.

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In attack mode

Erin O’Toole has been far from avoiding media questions since the election campaign began.

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At the outset, Justin Trudeau pleaded that civil servants must be vaccinated. Results If an employee refuses to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

Yet in a note posted on the internet, the Treasury Board Secretariat said officials who refused to vaccinate could benefit from dormitories, a position similar to that of Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. The liberal leader called it that Wrong And the authorities withdrew it.

Justin Trudeau speaks into a microphone and looks into the distance.

Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, stops campaigning at Cornwall on Prince Edward Island.

Photo: Reuters / John Morris

Mr. Trudeau said he was fine Work with public service, associations and our partners in federally regulated sectors To establish these consequences, but no timeline was specified.

After days of questioning on the subject, Justin Trudeau mentioned in his speeches the mandatory vaccination of government employees, instead emphasizing the mandatory immunity of travelers. We make sure that all people who take the train or plane are vaccinated, He repeats from creating conflicts with his conservative opponent.

Another example of a clear response was the Liberal leader on Friday. A CBC reporter pointed out to him that the number of people crowded at a restaurant where his press conference was taking place in Mississauga appeared to violate current health restrictions. Are you breaking the rules?, He asked her.

Instead of describing himself, the liberal leader began a long escape response that turned into a partisan attack: Conservatives have made it clear that they are not even asking their candidates to be vaccinated. We do everything we can to keep people safe, He added when the reporter questioned him again.

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The next day, a spokesman for the Liberal Party of Canada finally explained that the event was actually supposed to take place outside, but moved inside. For security reasons, Without specifying which ones.

Refusing to answer

For his part, the leader of the Black Cubacos also had to face persevering questions from journalists on the same subject. Vice-Franకోois Blanchett surprised the press last Tuesday morning by showing himself in favor of a third link project between Lewis and Quebec, confirming that the motorway could be a tunnel Ecological.

Vice-Franకోois Blanchett speaks outside under the gray sky.

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, leader of the Black Cubacois during a stop at Gatinau on August 19.

Photo: Canadian Press / Justin Tang

At a press briefing set for the afternoon, he declined to answer the first two questions on the subject, saying he had. Nothing more to say. To the third question, he briefly replied that he was confident that his candidates in the Quebec area would agree with him.

Until the next day, not being invited again to clarify his ideas, the leader of the Black Quebacois explained that this was his personal opinion, not the official position of his party.

From then on it became clear that his initial statement was following him. Later on when he visited Saguneni, a couple approached him to express their satisfaction that Black and its candidates were in favor of the tunnel project.

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett retorted: It’s not even easy. This is the jurisdiction of Quebec. […] I can not decide. This is not my job. He also refused to get a place in the vaccine passport because, according to him, a Special jurisdiction of the National Assembly and the Government of Quebec. Therefore, he feels that he does not need to intervene.

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For political scientist Genevieve Tellier, this comment Another way to not answer the question. She also speaks A slippery slopeBecause voters deserve to expect a federal party leader to speak out on such matters.

Repeat the same sentences

In the NDP camp, Jagmeet Singh seems to be light-hearted and very natural in front of reporters. However, the NDP leader often uses the same prepared answers and repeats the same remarks regularly in English or French.

Jagmeet Singh spoke in front of a glass building.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh passed away on August 24, 2021 in Mississauga, Ont.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Sometimes it can even be difficult to tell in more detail when announcing a leader. How do you keep your promise? It is a commitment and we value it, An example of the response sometimes heard.

During press conferences, Jagmeet Singh was honest with his ideas, despite the risk of losing his clarity voters.

Two days after he first escaped about a third link project in the Quebec City area last week, he did not hesitate to say he did not support the project.

Then, last Thursday, the day Franకోois Legalt asked the federal government to take full immigration powers on the issue of family reunification, Jagmeet Singh did not hesitate to answer it Yes, I’m going to work with Quebec … but it’s federal capacity and we’ll keep it.

Mary Carmier took off her mask from her face and smiled.

Mary Carmer, a journalist living in Newfoundland, was disappointed by the lack of information in Erin O’Toole’s responses.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Newfoundlander Mary Carmire, however, hopes the chiefs will heed her demands: If they come from all over the country to see us, it would be nice if they had clear answers for us.