July 5, 2022

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Apress Galchenyuk, Kotkanimi? – TVA Sports

Apress Galchenyuk, Kotkanimi?  - TVA Sports

Who believes, the Montreal Canadians are far from leaving just a pencil, for the second time in just three years, the player they chose for themselvesThe first threeFrom the draft.

After Alex Galchenyuk traded in June 2018, what could now be a success in the other sky is now accepted by the hostile offer submitted by Jesperi Kotkaneemi, Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday, worth $ 6.1 million, and it was only for a period of time.

Hubs have one week to align with Mark Bergewin’s general manager offer. “Canes“Otherwise, No. 15 will play in North Carolina next season if the Montreal staff decide to leave.”KK», The company will be offered the first round option as well as the third round option as compensation.

Only nine hockey players were selected from the celebrities. “The first threeIn the last ten thousand years, the team that was given the first chance on the Betman circuit has no longer developed.

They are Jonathan Droin, Alex Galchenuk, Pierre-Luke Dubois, Patrick Line, Sam Reinhart, Neil Yakupov, Ryan Murray, Dylan Strom and Nolan Patrick.

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By comparison, it is here that various NHL clubs offer to get the services of its players intended for a great future.

Jonathan Droin 3rd (2013) traded to Montreal Canadians instead of Mikhail Sergachev.

Alex Galchenyuk 3rd (2012) traded for Arizona Coyotes instead of Max Domi.

Pierre-Luke Dubois traded the 3rd (2016) Winnipeg jets as well as the third round selection along with Patrick Line 2nd (2016) as well as Jack Roslovic.

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Sam Rainhart traded for the Florida Panthers instead of Devon Levy and the first round pick for the 2nd total (2014).

Neil Yakupov traded for the entire 1st (2012) St. Louis Blues, replacing Jack Pochiro with a conditional third round pick Cameron Croti.

Ryan Murray traded for the New Jersey Devils instead of the 2nd (2012) fifth round pick overall.

Dylan Storm traded 3rd overall (2015) to Chicago Blackhawks with Brendan Perlini instead of Nick Smaltz.

Nolan Patrick 2nd Total (2017) is traded on Nashville Predators along with Philip Myers instead of Ryan Ellis. Note that the Predators traded him to the Golden Knights of Vegas for a glass of chicken.

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We regularly hear that good teams are a draft, but most of all they thrive. Having the opportunity to choose the future of the franchise among the three best hockey players of the same vintage is a golden opportunity and it does not come often. Therefore, very few companies have the luxury of making mistakes.

Wrongly speaking, if we take the time to analyze the future of the eight different companies that compromised the players mentioned above, for the most part, we can find that they are still facing some difficulties. Tampa Bay.

Not to mention that they were not in competition, the fact that these hopes did not materialize as planned turned the plans upside down.

Canadians, blue jackets, sabers, oilers, coyotes and flyers look very different Investments Got higher yields. Although Saint-Flannel surprised many last season by reaching the Stanley Cup final, will they make the playoffs in the next campaign? This question is legitimate considering the recent off-season which can be described as eventful.

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Blue jackets are in the process of being restructured, including star defenseman Seth Jones and forward Com Atkison, among others. According to many, they should not be part of the next spring dance.

Every season, Sabers seek good fortune, but we have to admit that it looks bad once again at Buffalo. Even more so, the delicate situation around Jack Eichel is not well.

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The Oilers have a whole offensive machine, but can they take it to the next level and become a team competing for higher honors? Many mistakes during the final draft complicated the progress of the Alberta team.

The Coyotes have missed the postseason playoffs eight times in the last ten seasons. This season has not been so easy since the Arizona team dropped a major part of their list at Oliver Ekman-Larson a few weeks ago.

Flyers may be successful this year, but their general manager bravely gave up many options and quality hopes this summer and made several deals. There is no guarantee of success, and if chemistry does not hold, the coming years may be bleak.