May 27, 2022

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Blessings of Franకోois Legalt

Blessings of Franకోois Legalt

Sorry for the Black Cubacois candidates who are currently struggling to get elected in their riding, it was not personal with them, but their leader proved this week that their political structure has become sassy.

Voting for a leader who has no backbone and the only reason for its existence is to say yes, yes, to everything Francois Legalt asks, without the authority to give it. I am willing to accept that the Quebec Premier was popular in the election, but there are limits to prostrating before the elected Provincial.

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett likes to denigrate everything that Canada represents, in the hope that one day Quebec will become a nation, but at the same time, he rejects the ideas of his own political family, the single party of the party Quebocois. The same aspirations are as open as his.

In the hope of gaining political advantage in Quebec by trying to attract CAQ voters, the leader of the bloc turned the current 3 180 degrees.E Link, to be convenient and to see the environmental potential.

Personally, I would like to be in favor of a socially acceptable third link with a reasonable project, but to see the ecological potential of this monster project of a six-lane two-story highway, there are limits to exaggeration.

3 for the Conservative party to be willing to pay 40% of the bill forE The link without looking at the details of this Pharonic project surprises me a little less, the Conservatives have supported this project from the beginning. However, for a party that has public finances wholeheartedly, I find that they are engaged in writing a blank check.

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Francois Legalt is the only “federal” party that says yes to all demands, so let’s go back to Black Cubacois. The same thing happened in the 2019 campaign. I will reconsider all of its candidates and tell myself what it intends to represent the party that has only the voice of the provincial government. For the elect, their Caucasus debates are as follows.

-Mr. Legalt asked if we would work for it. Are you opposed? It does not matter, Mr. Legalt said he wanted the same.

-Yes, Mr. Blanchett, the other parties in the National Assembly are against and I have also heard in my constituency.

-It’s not fair, it’s important that Franకోois Legalt asks. We are here to bring his voice to Ottawa.

Does the Quebec Premiere in Ottawa need a messenger or megaphone? I have a lot of doubt. It will be baby. He is big enough to carry his messages on his own.