May 17, 2022

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Immigrants fleeing poverty | Mexico calls on Canada and the United States to invest in Central America

Immigrants fleeing poverty |  Mexico calls on Canada and the United States to invest in Central America

(Mexico City) Mexican President Andres Manuel Lపెpez Obrador on Sunday called on the United States and Canada to invest in the United States if it wants to succeed in curbing the influx of illegal immigrants fleeing poverty.

Mr Lopez Obrador exemplified Mexico’s “seed life” program for farmers, which provides 420,000 jobs and requires an investment of around 55 million euros a year.

“Can’t the United States and Canada do the same in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador?”, The head of state asked when he intervened in the state of Chiapas (southern).

“Yes, we will continue to block [à l’immigration clandestine], But basic, structural solutions must be found, “he argued, recalling that recently the American population” had to leave their countries “because of poverty.

Mexico has deployed more than 27,000 members of the Armed Forces to its northern and southern borders to prevent illegal immigration from Central American countries to the United States and Canada.

One-third of the immigrants arrested in the United States in June came from Mexico, followed by Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The number of unaccompanied minors increased by 8% in June compared to May, with a total of 15,253 miners or more than 500 per day. The United States promised to welcome them into the country, without sending them back to Mexico.

Immigration flows declined significantly during the epidemic and began to recover slightly before rising since the arrival of the White House of Joe Biden in 2020.

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Republicans have accused his predecessor Donald Trump of causing a “draft” by easing immigration policies.

However, the United States continues to automatically deport single adults and large families, as a rule, to combat the spread of COVID-19.