July 4, 2022

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Martin Prudhomme announces retirement from Soretu du Quebec

Martin Prudhomme announces retirement from Soretu du Quebec

The Martin Prudhomme saga finally got its result on Monday: Quebec agreed with the director of Soreto du Quebec (SQ) on the terms of his departure from public service more than two years after his suspension.

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“The last two years have been difficult for my family and loved ones. I am determined to put an end to this lawsuit that has already lost our lives for over two years,” the relevant principal announced in a press release.

We do not know because the terms of the agreement between the two parties are confidential.

Martin Prudhomme has been suspended with a full salary of about $ 220,000 a year since March 2019, and is still under administrative investigation for a phone call he allegedly made to the former Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), Annie Murphy, October 24, 2017.

End of prosecution

Last November, he filed a motion in Superior Court in which Legalt alleged that the government had set up an investigation “illegally” to determine whether to remove him.

Following Monday’s announcement, the appeal was officially stayed, Quebec City was told.

The same request was made in October 2020 by the Minister of Public Security for an inquiry sent to the Public Service Commission by Genevieve Gilbolt.

As indicated when Martin Proudhom announced, this policy aims to find out whether a reason for Martin Proudhom’s “removal or suspension” exists or is sufficient.

After Martin Prudhomme was acquitted of the criminal charges against him, this request for investigation was made, still for me this phone call was intended for Anik Murphy.

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On Monday, Martin Prudhomme took advantage of his departure announcement to address SQ police.

“My dear colleagues. I leave the company that stands first for the quality of the people who make it. I thank you for your invaluable, continued and continued support over the past few years.

“Continue your remarkable work with our population with commitment and this will make our National Police Force an efficient and rigorous police force,” he continued. You have an important role to play in knowing that our fellow citizens will trust you to live in a safe environment.

More transparency was demanded

The steps to hire a person for the general management of the SQ will be taken as soon as possible, for which Quebec dictates. The Acting Director of the Police Force, Johanne Busoelle, will be in office at this time.

Oppositions in Quebec were governed by asking for more transparency in the file.

“The people who pay have a right to know whether the solution is reasonable. Second, when the next head of SQ is appointed, the process should be without any politicization. , Andres Fontesilla.

“What a waste of time, how much zeal on the part of the government in handling this file! We do not know the end of the story, a man is retiring and the truth will not come out, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.