December 1, 2023

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Sexual Assault: The traditional candidate is eliminated from the race

Sexual Assault: The traditional candidate is eliminated from the race

A Conservative candidate from Nova Scotia abruptly withdrew from the race on Sunday night over allegations of sexual harassment on Twitter.

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Troy Myers, who is looking to take part in the Dartmouth-Coal Harbor Riding, has denied the allegations against him.

It was started by former NDP candidate Lauren Schobar in the Nova Scotia provincial election.

“These statements, which show unfortunate behavior and inappropriate contacts, are unquestionable,” he wrote in English in a post on his Facebook account on Monday morning.

Mr Myers said he intended to “seriously protect my reputation and our family name.”

“I take allegations of sexual misconduct very seriously. It is important that a professional team focuses on the well-being of Canadians and that the individual is not a candidate for our party,” Chief Erin Ottley told a news conference Monday.

In an earlier press release, the Conservative Party said “Mr. Myers asked to withdraw his candidacy, and he agreed.”

Ms Sbaker criticized Mr Myers for abusing her authority as director of the Library Network for being hung for a position in the future, which then gave him an unwanted touch.

“I get angry when I see him running for power after seeing how he uses his current power,” she says.

These events are said to have taken place in October 2019.

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