July 5, 2022

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“Shame on you!”: Dozens of families could not mourn because of the lockout

“Shame on you!”: Dozens of families could not mourn because of the lockout

Nearly 100 employees at the Dukes Rives Funeral Co-operative Society have been affected by the lockout since last Friday, which could have prevented the funeral from taking place.

Activities at the cooperative’s nine funeral complexes have stalled, and families who can’t mourn are worried. “We have to do more than 150 calls, messages and follow-ups a day with people who are concerned,” said David Emand, general manager of Cooperative FunRire des Dukes Rives.

Heart crying

Between five and six families are away every day for celebrations due to the lockout. This is especially the case with Johanne Turdibe, who posted a heartfelt cry on Facebook. “Am I in the middle of a nightmare?” Exactly seven months and four days have passed and we know we have to say goodbye to our father who died on January 23rd. When we vaccinate the maximum number of people over the seven months we wait for the right time … ”, we can read on his personal page.

“Now, after all these obstacles associated with the epidemic, a heartfelt gang on behalf of employees and employers, these moments, will always prevent us from living a difficult, peaceful and peaceful life. […] Shame on you! You have no heart! ”She continued.

Ongoing conflict

Although management says management is driven by cooperative values ​​and recognizes potential failure to convert their employees to the same values, employees support their demands. “We really have a working heart and it’s unfortunate to come to that,” said union member Catherine Karen. “As for the values ​​of cooperation, say that we have come to work here to the detriment of our working conditions … No, we do not really agree,” she continued.

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The next trading day is scheduled for next Thursday. Until then, employees will continue to picket in front of the Administrative Center.