March 20, 2023

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5,000 Afghans evacuated by the United States will be resettled in Canada

5,000 Afghans evacuated by the United States will be resettled in Canada

These refugees will be accepted under the recently announced Humanitarian Rehabilitation Program, He told a news conference in Ottawa on Tuesday morning.

The agreement with the United States on this issue also provides space in transit zones that host thousands of Afghans.

Many were evacuated from Afghanistan until the end of last week due to the airlift, and so far have sought refuge in third countries, especially in American bases in the Persian Gulf.

At the U.S. air base in Rammstein, Germany, our correspondent Tamara Altaresco reported that nearly 23,000 evacuated Afghans had gathered in critical condition.

They live in tents. It is a base that has become a refugee camp […] Overnight, She says. The crew was completely overwhelmed.

Many Afghans do not have passports or identity cards, which complicate routine checks and delay travel to other countries.

The Afghans who welcome Canada are considered to be in danger of retaliation from the Taliban, the new owners of the country, for just two weeks.

This includes individuals who have collaborated with Western forces fighting the Taliban for the past 20 years, but also human rights defenders and members of ethnic minorities or the LGBT community.

Canada has pledged to welcome 20,000 Afghans In accordance with these standards.

Minister Mendicino did not say how many Afghans had already arrived in Canada. He said 450 people had completed their detention and were being hosted in 14 separate communities.

Last Thursday, after that announcement Canadian military operations complete at Kabul airport, He pointed out that 1000 Afghans had recently been evacuated on Canadian soil.

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Canadians are still in Afghanistan

Canadian Foreign Minister Mark Gurney said for his part about 1,250 Canadians, Canadian permanent residents or their family members are still in Afghanistan today. He did not say whether these people wanted to leave Afghanistan or not.

This is the first time the Canadian government has counted the number of Canadians not evacuated from Afghanistan before Canada ceased operations last week.

According to Minister Garnio, this estimate cannot be made earlier because of how many Canadians, permanent residents and their families have left Afghanistan on flights operated by third countries.

Minister Mendicino said vulnerable Canadians and Afghans, who could not evacuate the Canadian military, would still be able to leave the country in the near future.

Over the weekend, Canada and its allies received assurances from the Taliban that Afghan nationals would be allowed to travel. […] Can safely depart from Afghanistan, He he said.

We have a clear commitment from the Taliban, and we make sure they adhere to it.

According to Minister Gurney, it is The first real test This will allow the international community to ensure its ability to respect the capabilities of the Taliban.

While waiting for the resumption of civilian flights at the now-abandoned Kabul airport in the United States, Ottawa invites its nationals and Afghans to wait until further notice.

Still, the Canadian foreign minister said he would talk to his Pakistani envoy later on Tuesday to facilitate Islamabad on their way to the border with valid Canadian documents.