March 22, 2023

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Boxing match in May: disturbing images of Zapata

Boxing match in May: disturbing images of Zapata

The video of the fight made by Jeanette Zacharias Zapata in Mexico last May aired on social networks on Monday evening. Order, of which The Journal of Montreal Got a copy, was alarming.

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During this evening, Zapata faced 35-year-old Mexican Cynthia Lozano, who has an unbeaten record (8-0, 6 KOs).

In this three-minute series, we see the end of a six-round fight between Zapata and Lozano. After the muscle transplant, Zapata receives the left side, which sends him to the ground. She took the left side of her face like Howell’s powerful right last Saturday.

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She did not rise and Lozano won the fight. Within seconds of the fight ending, the Mexican lay in the ring to regain his consciousness. His coaches were at his bed. We also observed the presence of a doctor.

After a few minutes, Zapata was able to sit down by herself before leaving the ring. Subsequently, she left the Arena Coliseum in a city in northeastern Mexico without issue.

The publication of this video provoked many reactions and questions on social media. GYM boxing organizer Vincent Morin has signed a contract for a fight between Zapata and Mary-Pier Howell, never seen before the video footage aired.

“We did not have access to this video before we started negotiations with Zapata,” Morin said Journal of Montreal. Of course I loved seeing her. We know she lost by knockout, but we do not know the circumstances under which she cashed it. ”

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“If I had seen him before, Mary-Pierre (Howell) would not have been boxing last Saturday.”

Report in Spanish

Prior to the release of this video, there was little information about the Zapata-Lozano fight on the web. Howell’s coach, Sebastian Gauthier, did not know about the boxer before.

“The only video I found on the web was of a duel between Zapata and Alma Ibra,” the former boxer explained. For the May fight, I found an article in Spanish. ”

About a fierce fight between two boxers who exchanged more than 300 punches. There was talk of falling to the ground with a blow to the body. What I saw in the video was a fall from exhaustion. ”

“As far as I know, she did not go to the hospital. She came home after the altercation.”

At first glance, Lozano has no howl punch.

“Lozano” breaks down his opponents with the size of his blows and not his power, Gautier said. If I had seen this video during our camp, Mary-Pierre would not have encountered it. That’s not what you wanted as an opponent. “

“With her suspension, Zapata could not be fitter than she was when she came to Montreal. However, during the first three Rounds, It is competitive. “


This video raises some questions about medical reports made by the Mexico Athletic Commission. Were they forged to allow Zapata to fight Howl last Saturday?

“All medical documents are genuine. To be sure of the content in Spanish, we have translated them by a certified person. Zapata is no longer in suspension.”

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“In the opinion of Mexican doctors, she is in great physical condition. Everyone did what she was told to do.

Gilbolt responds

Professional boxing in Quebec is overseen by Reggie des Alcools, des Courses et des Geeks (RACJ). It is part of the Ministry of Public Safety. Yesterday, we received a response from the office of Minister Genevieve Gilbolt.

“The events of Saturday are deeply disturbing to us,” said Press Secretary Amelie Pocket. Our thoughts are with the boxer. ”

“Boxing is a sport that is subject to strict rules under the supervision of the RACJ, and the latter analyzes the events of Saturday evening.”

It should be noted that Zapata passed all the medical examinations required by the RACJ to enter the ring against Howell. Moreover, the conflict was endorsed not just by one person, but by a committee.

In conclusion, there was no improvement or regression in Zapata’s health yesterday because she was in her third day in an induced coma.