July 5, 2022

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United States Open: Felix Agar-Aliassim wins long battle

United States Open: Felix Agar-Aliassim wins long battle

When he landed on the beautiful court at the United States Open 17 on Monday, to face a deserving player on Monday, Felix Agar-Aliassim probably did not expect to come out … four hours

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But the Russian Evgeny Danskoy, 31, and 152E The world, belongs to the dull race. So much so that he worked hard for Quebec and worked hard for the win, eventually earning 7-6 (0), 3-6, 7-6 (1) and 7-6 (8).

It was hot, it was hot

Felix, who seemed to have won this unexpected trench battle, threw two fists and was relieved when his opponent’s backhand fell far behind the baseline at his third match point.

“It was a lot of fighting. I had to look very far at my resources to defeat him,” 12 admitted.E Favorite, in an interview with TSN Network, after a duel.

It’s not the only game that gets hot on Monday. The New York wind was also very frequent, occurring frequently in late August.

But the 21-year-old Cubeser was not much of a concern as he left a lot of energy in the first round meeting.

“I’m very tired, but it’s good to be challenged so quickly in the tournament .It’s good for my confidence, explained on the 15th.E ATP Player. And I usually recover very quickly. “

“It’s very important for me to win the game.”

Not yet!

Because “FAA” did not want to restore the scenario of the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the National Bank Open in Toronto, where he was eliminated from the first.

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He took off at Flushing Meadows Park, which looked uneven from the start of the meeting, facing a player who failed to qualify for the first three Grand Slam events of the season.

Agar-aliasim gave him three chances to break himself in the first set, but wasted each one. It finally took a tiebreaker that would have benefited Quebecois – literally, Felix won 7-0 – to determine the outcome of the set.

But Agar-aliasim quickly realized that he needed to be more careful. Especially in the 2-1, second set, Danskoy took his first chance after a tough fighting point.

Russian, ranked 65th bestE (In 2013), never looked back and got their hands on the second set 6-3.

Returning to New York a year later, the bustling audience (everyone vaccinated at the request of Mayor Bill de Blasio) then realized that they would get their money’s worth.

Felix had already gathered behind him since the start of the match, and in his long battle they had encouraged him affectionately.

“It’s insane. Extraordinary weather! Agar-aliasim is delighted at TSN’s microphone. I can not wait to play again in front of such a noisy audience. I’m glad to see so many people in the stadium at 11am on Monday morning.”

Felix Agar-Aliassim (left) congratulates Evgeny Danskoy after Monday's victory in New York.

Photo AFP

Felix Agar-Aliassim (left) congratulates Evgeny Danskoy after Monday’s victory in New York.


Their favorites were cold sweats in the third set, however, and he again admitted his service to Danskoi.

The latter also helped to take a two-set lead, but Felix was able to prevent it by breaking it at 5-4.

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It was also one of the five breakage bullets he could achieve.

Quebec went over the tiebreaker again, this time leaving a small point to his opponent.

Three match points

Then, the two players remained on the neck and neck until the end of the fourth set, which also ended in a tiebreaker.

The drill at this point was very tough: the “FAA” needed three match points to overtake the Russian, who had a 5-3 lead at one point.

After three wins in qualifying, Danskoy did not intend to leave New York. But he really needs to pack and Agar-Aliassime will face Spaniard Bernabe Zapata Mirals on Wednesday.

116E World player surpasses his compatriot Feliciano Lopez, 97EThe day before, Monday.

After Felix Agar-Aliassim, Leila Fernandez and Rebecca Marino, their compatriots Denis Shapovalov, seventh favorite, to Bianca Andreas (6E) And Wasek Pospisil will make their debut on Tuesday at Flushing Meadows.