May 25, 2022

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Hasty departure from Afghanistan | The Americans had to leave most of their Afghan workers in Kabul

Hasty departure from Afghanistan |  The Americans had to leave most of their Afghan workers in Kabul

(Washington) Most of the Afghans who worked in Washington and wanted to flee to the United States could not be evacuated from Afghanistan, a U.S. official said on Wednesday, describing the Kabul airlift as a “chase” of diplomats they must have chosen.

It can affect tens of thousands of people with their immediate family.

“Based on the evidence of the people we can support, I would say the vast majority of them,” said a senior U.S. embassy official, the United States’ last withdrawal in the front line of a massive evacuation operation that ended Monday.

“We fully intend to continue,” he assured reporters in anonymity, “to do everything possible in the coming weeks and months to continue this commitment to help those who want to leave Afghanistan.”

The evacuation allowed 123,000 people to flee since August 14, the day before the Taliban arrived in Kabul.

The State Department could not say how many Afghans were applying for the special immigration visas promised to US military or diplomatic commentators and other aides, threatening retaliation from the United States. Some of the former rebels now in power.

Their total number is unclear.

100,000 requests

In early August, the White House reported that 20,000 Afghans who had worked for the Americans had requested to be adopted into the United States, with nearly 100,000 people with their families. But other high expectations are circulating.

“Everyone who lived in the” evacuation “was haunted by the choices we had to make and the people who could not help us get out of this first phase of the operation,” the diplomat said.

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“It has compromises and really painful options,” he said. Come and try to find people who are looking for people with American passports and American green cards ”.

The official described the situation as “difficult”, with Afghan groups threatening to “riot at any moment” at the entrance to Kabul airport.