March 21, 2023

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Justin Trudeau gives more money to universities in minority communities Crisis at Laurentian University

Justin Trudeau gives more money to universities in minority communities Crisis at Laurentian University

The Liberal leader said the funding program for universities in language minority communities, which will have to pay $ 121 million over three years from 2021-2022, would be permanent and would be increased to $ 80 million a year.

These funds support important institutions such as the University of Monton and the University of Ontario in France. It also ensures the protection and stability of Campus Saint-Gene and promotes the implementation of the larger Francophone Post Secondary Solution in Northern Ontario., We can read in the press release sent by the Liberal Party on Tuesday.

The retired prime minister said he was ready to support the plan By and for Francophones at the University of Sudbury, a small company Recently separated From the University of Laurentian.

Announced by the University of Sudbury Intends to resume his Flame of university education for Francophony in northern Ontario in the wake of Laurentian University reconstruction Almost half of its French language programs.

No installation Not yet openedBecause it is still waiting for a funding agreement with the province.

Liberals have already been sidelined $ 5 million in June, Hoping to find out A university solution By Francophones in Northern Ontario.

In a letter to the province, Minister of Official Languages ​​Melanie Jolie suggested that the money could be used exclusively for a project to turn Sudbury University into a 100% French-speaking university.

The money comes from $ 121.3 million envelope was provided in the budget To support post-secondary education in Francophone or Anglophone minority communities within three years.

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However, university education is a regional jurisdiction. Therefore, neither the University of Lawrence nor the University of Sudbury can access the amounts promised without the approval of the Dougford Government.

It has been repeated ever since The beginning of the reconstruction process He will not rule when the case is in court at Lawrence University in February. The University of Laurentian has immunity from lenders until January 31, 2022.

NDP wants To save Laurentian

A few days ago, Jagmeet Singh also wanted to Is guaranteed Towards the Francophone Communities in Northern Ontario. At a press conference at the University of Sudbury, he said he wanted to Save the University of Laurentian.

Chef though Attracted the fury of some Francophone companies The area was reluctant to transfer French language programs from Laurentian University to Sudbury University.

Mr. Singh said he wanted to To save French language programs at Laurentian University support a project to transform Sudbury University into a French language university.

Actors in the Francophone community replied to Mr. Singh that he had to choose between the two institutions, because according to the population of northern Ontario, the bilingual university and the ‘French-speaking university’ did not ensure survival.

The NDP subsequently clarified its leader’s remarks via email and sought to support the French fact in both universities without interfering in the transfer of programs between them.

The party has already shown support for transforming Sudbury University into a 100% French-speaking institution. Last April.

The Conservative Party of Canada responded

The Conservative Party in Canada entered immediately after Mr. Singh visited Sudbury.

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In a press release, the University of Lawrence announced its support for the transfer of canceled French language programs to the University of Sudbury.

Mr. Singh’s comments show that his interest in this document is purely symbolic, Sudbury and Nickel Belt beat candidates Ian Simington and Charles Humphrey in a US statement.

They believe that is the position of the NDP The uncertainty of the studies is further exacerbated for those who have suffered cuts at the University of Lawrence.

If elected, the Conservatives are committed to allocating $ 30 million a year to French-language minority post-secondary institutions.