May 19, 2022

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The delivery ladybug was converted to electricity

The delivery ladybug was converted to electricity

An electric vehicle dealer in Trois-Rivieres has achieved a technological feat: converting an old Beetle from gasoline to electricity.

This is a tailor made order for the Saint-Hubert restaurant chain, which will be used as a promotional vehicle to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

An electric motor was added to the Beetle model 1967. Its power also increased tenfold from 40 to 280 horsepower.

“Tesla was the first to put a motor in place. Even with a volt battery. This is a unique project,” commented Guillume Andre from Ingenext, a company affiliated with convener Simon Andre.

The model of the vehicle, reduced to parts, was found in the old barn in North Montreal. It has been completely rebuilt; Bodywork, wheels, brakes. Intelligent car management system added.

“Keeping the battery and electric motor and respecting the weight is the first challenge. To respect the car’s identity and it really looks like a beetle from the 60s.”

The vehicle travels on Quebec roads and also makes deliveries as part of this anniversary.

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