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Aaron Bronze Series – Full Gaming Chair Review

Aaron Bronze Series - Full Gaming Chair Review

Closeup todayAaron Bronze Series, A French gaming chair It has it all. Comfort and quality when combined, we can use both to play and to work. We will tell you everything in this test!

Aaron Bronze Series, first impressions

To be honest with you, I’ve already had the opportunity to test many sièges gaming And each time, I went back to my traditional office chair. I always felt this kind of product was firm, completely uncomfortable. Especially after the whole working day there will be a big game session. However, Aaron Succeeded in arousing my curiosity by offering to test Their bronze range model. Namely itAaron is a French brand and in addition, I think their chair design is great. I have never been indifferent in front of an F1 fan This bucket seat in fox leather, I recognized him. Briefly after the session Editing took me fifteen minutes, I was able to sit on one Aaron Bronze Series And to my surprise, To me it felt very comfortable.

Aaron bronze range seats are available in two new colors: yellow and green

Comfort and Qualities are both

Of two large assets Chaise Gaming Aaron Bronze Series His Quality components Yet Comfort They provide. From the assembly, we realized that everything happens over time and as soon as we settle down, we immediately appreciate it Ergonomic design From the chair. His Fox Leather Upholstery This is also very commendable as it gives the feeling of being installed in a high-end product. Notice in passing it Everything is covered with a very dense foam Not everyone may like it. But as far as I’m concerned, it fits me well I feel very supportive once in this bucket seat. Note that everything comes as well Two pads for the neck and lower back Memory foam compounds that enhance the experience.

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Focus on the Aaron Bronze Series

It is possible to adjust the height of the seat and armrests and rotate the backrest up to 170

Chair Aaron Bronze Series Also equippedClass 4 cylinder. Concretely this means she has potentialAccommodate people over 130 kg. Note, however, that from my 100kg top, I still feel a little cramped. It is a bit hard to imagine large sizes being well installed in this chair. So you warned. For the rest, the whole thing is pretty classic. It is possibleAdjust the height of the bronze array as desired and bend its back to 170. Total lockable due to very practical tilt system. The only flaw of this chair is in my opinion Its 1D armrests that can only be adjusted in height. I like more flexibility, but that’s a detail.

My brief review about the Aaron Bronze Range Seat

I have been away from gaming chairs for a long time, I will not hide. But it turned out that I had never seen a model that I really liked. And for good reason, With the Aaron Bronze Series, all the complaints I had to make about these products were gone. Settling in this seat is really fun whether you want to play or work. I have to say Its quality conclusions And Its ergonomics at the top Really like everything. Add to thisIt is currently available at 189 euros instead of 349 And you almost reach perfection. If you are looking for a chic and inexpensive gaming chair, I can only invite you to go Take a tour of the Aaron site. For my part, I’m really interested in getting my hands on a superior model.

Aaron Bronze Series Folder Closeup

Ends with small onions

For more information about Aaron products, Meeting Their official website. And for other PC gaming tests, see you soon at SiteGeek.

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