May 23, 2022

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COVID-19 | The new Mu variant is the flagship in Colombia

COVID-19 |  The new Mu variant is the flagship in Colombia

(Bogota) A new variant of the coronavirus known as “Mu”, which was first identified in Colombia in January, is prevalent in the country today and was the source of the deadly wave of epidemic last spring, health officials said Thursday.

“In fact, Mu is a major variant in Colombia and she is responsible for the third wave of pollution from April to June 2021,” Marcela Mercado, of the National Institutes of Health, officially announced on local radio.

⁇ […] More or less 60% of the deaths we order are from this clan, ”M explainedTo me Sant.

Pollution at record levels

Contamination and deaths reached record levels between April and June 2021, with 700 deaths per day and the hospital system on the brink of collapse.

The B.1621 variant, according to the scientific nomenclature, was classified as a “follow-up variant” by the World Health Organization (WHO) in late August. It first appeared on the Atlantic coast of Colombia (north) in January.

According to the WHO, this variant has mutations that indicate the risk of “immune escape” (resistance to vaccines) and further studies are needed to better understand its symptoms.

“It has already been identified in more than 43 countries and has demonstrated a strong epidemic,” M recalledTo me Sant.

Colombia has now crossed the most critical stage of the epidemic, but there are still only a hundred deaths and 2,000 infections per day.

According to the National Institutes of Health head, this improvement is due to the current vaccine campaign, with 29% of 50 million Colombians now vaccinated.

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“We can reach the peak in October,” she warned, “because people are still at risk of contracting the disease and” feeding the epidemic “.

Delta, alpha and gamma varieties also roam the country. Since March 2020, nearly 125,000 deaths due to Kovid-19 have been reported in Colombia, with 4.9 million people infected.