July 5, 2022

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Distinguished Parliamentarian | The Journal of Montreal

Distinguished Parliamentarian |  The Journal of Montreal

Pascal Barube, a member of the Matane-Matipedia parliament and parliamentary leader of the Cubacois party for three years, sends the torch to his colleague Joel Arsene.

Although the party was declining, it was reduced to an additional 3 ranksE With the opposition party and its remaining seven elected officials, Pascal Berube is no less formidable in this highly sought-after role.

The 46-year-old MP, a 14-year-old minister in the brief Moroccan government – and always carrying more and more files in the opposition – literally comes out with the respect of his colleagues, all parties combined.

In PQ, his “brother party”, the Black Cubacois, also left it for two or more years to stick to the CAQ’s golden locomotive, and Pascal Borbe’s exact work as parliamentary leader is commendable.

The most beautiful title

An experienced Member of Parliament, his legendary verb is missing during question time. Ditto knows how to be particularly angry, at least without “slavery”, for his sense of humor and irony.

Like his colleagues from the PQ Mini Caucus, Pascal Barube is also a political survivor, including the inevitable Veronica Hivn. Their incredible resilience is the envy of many parties.

Whether or not they agree with PQ’s locations, their incredible ability to hold the castle despite the adversity that has formed over the years, gives them respect.

In the tough enclosure of the National Assembly, as the parliamentary leader of the PQ, Pascal Berube learns how to stand positive.

Equipped with a natural “bullshitometer”, beware even on the parliamentary committees of his surgical reports, his iconic smile and his piercing gaze.

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In short, the party Cubacois is losing one of its best parliamentary leaders. In turn, his riding voters make their MP more accessible.

“Deputy”. For someone who knows how to get into politics with a simple good name rather than his own, isn’t this really the most beautiful title of all?