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EDward Gaming won the 2021 LPL Summer Split Final

EDward Gaming won the 2021 LPL Summer Split Final

Scout, Viper and EDward created a sensation by winning the 2021 LPL Summer Split with a 3-1 win over FunPlus Phoenix in the gaming playoff final. They will go to the 2021 League of Legends Worlds with Seed 1 of the China League.

EDward Gaming Plus Fort Q FunPlus Phoenix

The playoffs of LPL Summer Split Season 2021 resumed this morning, Thursday, September 2, with a vengeance with the final game of the playoffs, the grand finale of the tournament between EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix. Last weekend, the FPX team did not get in the way of WE, beating them 3-0 and thus ending their amazing fantastic run; Missing and his teammates started the playoffs in Round 1 and after the round OMG, Bilibili Gaming and Rare Atoms were eliminated and EDG was sent to the losers bracket. Following this result, FunPlus Phoenix qualified directly for the Grand Final, and Team WE was sent to the Losers Bracket to play in the semi-finals.

For this meeting, Team WE found a team that had imposed itself on a round, Edward Gaming. In the 4th round of the tree, the two teams have already met in these playoffs of the LPL Summer Split. EDGs are inclined by a score of 2-3. After losing the first two rounds, Scout and his teammates were able to score again so that their opponents had to play Game 5, but WE was finally able to get the final say in the meeting. For this “return match” between EDward Gaming and Team WE, Scout and his teammates were able to get their revenge, and it was very nice to win 3-0, a victory that allowed EDG to qualify for the final, but not for the 2021 League of Legends Worlds To verify its participation, at least with Seed 2.

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The LPL Summer Split 2021 is the grand finale of the playoffs so LPL Summer Split 2019 winner and world champion FunPlus Phoenix, the most successful Chinese team in all 5 leagues in the LPL League, will face EDward Gaming. Titles, Summer Split 2017 Latest Dating.

While dominating the regular season they were in a favorite position (1st place with only 13 wins and 3 defeats in common losses) and after winning their first two games lavishly in these playoffs, Doineb and his teammates were much better prepared and destroyed in a more combative opponent style, their To the disappointment of the fans, they did not really understand what had happened today on the Remote of Summer. Scout and Viper are the killing machines of EDward Gaming this morning, which allowed their team to win the tournament favorite and create a feat. Today the EGS is very badly damaged, the scoring opens and breaks down quickly; FPX was able to somehow reduce the score by winning the third round of this BO, and as they lost in the 4th round, the EDGs proved to have more than one trick in their sleeve, and the agility they finally showed allowed the game to reverse the course of the game to catch them and win.

EDward Gaming LPL Summer Split became the champion for 2021 after a 3-1 win over FunPlus Phoenix. The Scouts, Viper and their teammates will travel from the Chinese League with Seed 1 to the 2021 Worlds League of Legends, but will have to settle for FunPlus Phoenix Seed 2; The group stage of the main event is already shaping up to be an explosion.

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