May 27, 2022

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Political donations | Liberal candidate Martin Francier is on trial

Political donations |  Liberal candidate Martin Francier is on trial

Martin Francier, a Liberal candidate from Trois-Riviers, is under investigation by the Canadian Election Commissioner for seeking political support from former colleagues through their spouses.

Catherine Levesque
Canadian Press

Received a copy of the correspondence between the Canadian Press Commissioner Yve Kote and the Conservative Party of Canada office, which complained.

It stated in English, “The conditions described (Canada elections) may be inconsistent with certain provisions of the Act” and that the Office of the Commissioner of Elections of Canada will conduct its own investigation.

M. Francier, former columnist of the daily Novelist, Has been in the hot water ever since former colleagues revealed that they had approached themselves for political donations and, if inconvenienced in the request, would do so on behalf of their spouses.

The Liberal candidate always stated that he had done wrong in good faith.

Conservatives were not their first complaint; They asked the commissioner to watch a truncated video of Erin O Tool on health privatization posted on Twitter by liberal candidate Christiana Freeland.

Mr Cote finally decided in a decision released Wednesday that she was not violating the law.

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