May 21, 2022

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The Island of Love Islands was inaugurated

The Island of Love Islands was inaugurated

We now know the identities of the five girls and five boys who entered the villa Island of love, On September 12th.

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10 candidates selected, 22 to 27 years old, representing a wide range of young cubs today. Some have different origins, different skin colors, tattoos.

The five guys selected have muscular and athletic bodies, but their physique looks natural. None of the lucky ones were firefighters at this point, but one of them was a top athlete in judo.

On the girls side, there is the oldest candidate of the top 10 islanders, and one of them has an unusual job: a plane pilot.

“Candidates have amazing personalities and they really find love. Let’s learn about Benoit Clermont, president of Deferlantes Productions, behind the scenes. They participated in all stages of the casting without being asked if they wanted to win the prize.

Proof of the candidates’ true desire to fall in love is the fact that different versions around the world have given birth to a baby in England and couples who are engaged in Spain. Does Quebec follow this?

Offshore production

By the time the production unveiled the top 10 islanders on Thursday morning, host Nade Leonis and presenter Mehdi Bouzidan were at the airport for a flight to Las Cabos on the west coast of Mexico.

About 70 people already in Los Cabos left the production to join the other team.

“There is a lot of work to be done to organize the shoot abroad, Benoit Clermont also explained about this trip. Finding a place that is available despite the COVID is a big challenge for us. Mexico has the opportunity to send all the technical equipment by truck, not by boat. The technology to deliver the shows on time We also found the exact location of the stronghold.

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The islanders officially enter Villa Dio Island of love, Sunday, September 12, at 9pm, on TVA, TVA + and asionvasion.

The islanders who take part in it are here Island of love