May 28, 2023

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Will the French vaccine be effective against all variants soon?

Will the French vaccine be effective against all variants soon?

A new French vaccine is being developed. Human testing should begin in 2022.

A vaccine made in France is being developed. Researchers at the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI), CEA-Jacob and the University of Paris-Sacle Inserm and the University of Paris-Est Cretile are currently working on a vaccine against Kovid. Its role is to restore when the immune system is weakened.

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At the heart of this technology is the immune system

This serum is targeted Dendritic cells are involved in stimulating immune responses. It can boost the immunity of a person recovering from a Kovid-19 infection or a person who has been vaccinated, thus reducing the effectiveness of the vaccine over the course of months.

The authors of the study plan specifically to make this vaccine available to children, vulnerable individuals, and pregnant women., In terms of the various benefits and facilities of so-called “subunit” vaccines, such as.

The first results on animals were positive

As they suggested in their study published in the journal Nature Communications, The scientists behind this new vaccine did basic experiments on animals Kovid-19 was infected six months ago (including rats and monkeys).

The results show itA single dose of this vaccine is sufficient to restart the production of antibodies and therefore to control the virus in case of re-infection. This French serum therefore serves as a booster dose for already used serums.

Furthermore, when this serum arrives late compared to the first generation vaccine, Insurm and University of Paris-Est Cretail researchers have the opportunity to study its impact in this context Different types Appeared during the year.

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Human clinical trials are scheduled for 2022

Human clinical trials are expected to begin by 2022. Volunteers should recover or be vaccinated with the first vaccine (For Pfizer / Bioentech, Modernna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson France). The technique used for this vaccine, i.e. targeting dendritic cells, is in the clinical trial (Phase 1) as part of the immunization against HIV, Is responsible for AIDS.

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