April 2, 2023

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$ 35,500 refunded on anti-vaccine tickets

$ 35,500 refunded on anti-vaccine tickets

Anti-vaccine activist Franకోois Amalega has been collecting crimes with at least $ 35,500 in tickets since the Bitondo pandemic began.

Certified by the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) Journal Mr. Amalega Bitondo has received reports of 23 crimes under the Public Health Act since the outbreak began. Each of these tickets costs a minimum of $ 1,546, for a total of $ 35,558.

That’s not all. The anti-vaccine and anti-mask activist also has four criminal records related to an incident in July.

At the time, the 43-year-old was trying to get into a Canadian tire with an unmasked group. His action lasted for two days. Results? He has received four criminal charges, including one for disturbing the peace.

The leader of the movement against health measures is due to appear in court in Joliet on September 15 for the case.

Small collection of activist tickets.

Photo from Facebook

Small collection of activist tickets.

A spoiler‌sport

In the meantime, Amelaga Bitondo is raising maneuvers against vaccinations and wearing masks.

He does not hesitate to present himself on social networks by proudly portraying all his actions.

Again on Thursday, at a function in Montreal as part of the election campaign, he called out NDP leader Jagmeet Singh rudely.

“I am surprised that the NDP leader did not know that the Kovid vaccine was experimental,” the conspirator cried. Mr. Singh first tried to engage in a conversation with him and eventually moved on.

He was arrested a few hours later in front of TVA studios in Montreal Face to face.

On Wednesday morning, activists against Franకోois Amalega Bitondo and health measures spoiled the start of the school year for hundreds of students and surprised many parents by displaying masks in front of an elementary school in Lanadior.

In the last week of August, anti-vaccine activist Valerie Plante also blocked a meeting to ask questions about the vaccine passport. He interrupted a Christian Dubey press conference on August 10 for several minutes.

The candidate will have a doctorate

Before becoming an activist, Franయిois Amalega Bitondo was an excellent educator. He completed his Masters degree in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Montreal in 2016.

“I was really surprised. I just found out that he became an activist. Franకోois was one of my best students at the time. He was very nice and very funny,” said his former professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Ann Saint-Abin.

The latter states that Franకోois Amalega Bitondo entered doctorate in mathematics at UQAM. According to him, he taught mathematics at the Anti-Vaccine Activist College Jean-de-Proof, HEC Montreal and also at ÉTS.

“He’s definitely a good start. At least I’m glad to tell you he has a first – level academic record,” Mr Saint-Abin said.