May 18, 2022

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Certified Lover Boy | Drake can do well ★★

Certified Lover Boy |  Drake can do well ★★

In an Instagram post on Friday, just moments after the release of his sixth installment, Certified Lover Boy, Drake called it “poisonous masculinity and acceptance of truth.”

Marissa Groguh

Marissa Groguh

Introspection is not a major part of this long-awaited album. But in terms of toxic masculinity, it actually puts this disc in a very unrelenting state, being able to receive almost the rest in a successful second half.

Certified Lover Boy (CLB for close friends) Very late from 2019. In recent years Drizzie has produced excellent quality albums (pre-Scorpion), He is by no means one of the most respected artists in his community today. Unfortunately, this time the wait was not really worth it.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s first credit to the album, from the lead prototype of the Resistance piece, Champagne poem, Taken from the song Michelle. “I love you, I love you, I love you”, Drake is not a love song, reflecting his life for a rich, successful and soul mate. Papi Home (When Nicki Minaj appeared very briefly), immediately, there was an impressive speed, though Drake did not overtake himself towards literature. A good start, followed by a series of disappointing songs.

Drake admits to the toxic masculinity in his album. The admitted mistake seems to be half forgiven, but when the criticism comes he wonders if he just did not take the lead. Drake stays away from being the only guy on the rap (and music) to disrespect women. But not to mention that he is very interesting or well-pronounced (he is sometimes known for memorable words) that balances the point a little.

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One of the other implications Certified Lover Boy It makes you want to sleep. The monotony of stretching to the first half of the album is boring. Most of the productions he unleashes his rhymes will not have an impact.

Also, it’s hard to imagine liking a song Way 2 sexy (With Future and Young Thug) not improved or removed from the album. It’s the worst song on record and the worst song at Toronto’s concerts. The future will collaborate again on the N 2 Deep‌, which will be better than the previous one, which is not really memorable. In general, any collaboration has no specific impact. No name is surprising, but nothing appears above all else.

We were halfway there to hear enough, but we realized that at least three quarters were left to listen. This happens when things become more interesting. With 7 p.m., On a Beaten Very simple, but charming, Drake gives us this charming power we know in his service. Will follow later Race My Mind, Another part to get our attention back. You only live twice The rest of the record clashes and it stands out nicely from the audience. Dance Fountains, With Nigerian Singer Thames, makes a very good impression.

The second part of the CLF was very successful. It feels like the first 13 songs and the next eight were created in different time periods, with different moods and with different artistic vision.

After more than an hour and a half, Certified Lover Boy But it really failed to convince us. Many fans of Drake will no doubt find their account there three years after his last album. But one thing is for sure, Drake can do well.