May 19, 2022

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Martin Franకోois defended himself by being targeted by the investigation

Martin Franకోois defended himself by being targeted by the investigation

Martin Franకోois, a Liberal candidate from Trois-Rivieres, has expressed his intention to target the Canadian election commissioner and co-operate in the investigation, but wants to move forward quickly and “talk about ideas”.

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“Yes, a lot of work needs to be done to gain that confidence and I agree that such an event, unfortunately, should not undermine my candidate’s game plan to advance my ideas and my commitments,” he told a news conference on Friday.

Keep in mind that after Conservatives complained last week, the Office of the Election Commissioner of Canada began an investigation Thursday.

They blamed Mr. Francoire, a former journalist and daily columnist Novelist, Soliciting donations from former colleagues, inviting them to use their spouse’s name in his nomination contest “if it bothers them”.

Martin Franకోois defended himself by being targeted by the investigation

“Fundraising is an important part of the nomination and election campaign. It can make a difference. If you ever find yourself and you can contribute, it will definitely help me! If you ever find it a little embarrassing, you can put it in your boyfriend’s name and it will be the same,” he said. Wrote to them.

Electoral law prohibits candidates from accepting funds unless they receive funding from a registered person.

The concerned principal amended and stated that none of the persons requested had made a donation.

While acknowledging that there is “much to learn” about electoral law and financing policies, Mr Franకోois “thinks about file knowledge and stakeholders, in terms of ideas.” [il ne se] Do not consider this a beginner. “

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Candidates from other parties reacted strongly

“A candidate who starts or does not, whether he has experience or not, is doomed to failure, so it’s certain to stop his race, because it affects the confidence of Cubescoers,” said Rene Willemore, a Black Qubecois candidate and trainee ethicist in Troy-Riviers.

“When Martin Francoir points out that it’s Rookie’s fault, I think he loses credibility because people know very well that Mr. Francoire is a columnist. Novelist And he regularly disciplines municipal, provincial and federal elected officials about morality and lack of judgment and I think it’s a watered down sprinkler there, ”added Conservative Party candidate Yave Lavesque.

Martin Franకోois acknowledged that by polling day, September 20, 2021, voter confidence needed to be further enhanced.

– In collaboration with Rafael Piro

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