July 3, 2022

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Brazil: Bolsonaro issues ultimatum to Supreme Court

Brazil: Bolsonaro issues ultimatum to Supreme Court

The moderate leader will take part in these demonstrations in support of his government, which is expected to be massive, on Tuesday, across the country, on the eve of a national holiday, an attempt to show strength among an organization is in crisis.

We cannot allow one or two people to use their power to take the country in another direction, Said Mr. Bolsonaro at an official ceremony in the state of Bahia (northeast).

The message you leave them on the street next Tuesday will be the ultimate for these two people. Respect the Constitution, our freedom and understand that you are going the wrong way.

A quote from:President Zaire Bolsonaro

The head of state referred to Supreme Court Justices Alexander de Moraes and Luis Roberto Barroso.

The former decided to launch an investigation against the president, especially for spreading false information, and ordered the conduct of anti-democratic demonstrations or the search for his supporters who were financially suspected.

Judge Moraes on Friday issued an arrest warrant for Bolsonist blogger Wellington Macedo on suspicion of plotting violent protests on Brazil’s Independence Day, September 7.

Luis Roberto Barroso is president of the Higher Electoral Court (TSE) and strongly opposes President Bolsonaro over the electronic ballot system.

What will happen in 2022?

The head of state summoned Judge BarrosoInefficient Repeatedly, reports regularly Scams – without submitting any evidence – including stating that he should have been elected in the first round in 2018.

He also expressed skepticism about holding the 2022 presidential election, for example in July: Or we will have proper elections in Brazil or there will be no elections.

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Following the capital attack on Washington in January, the Brazilian president warned that Brazil would have A more deadly problem than the United States If the electronic voting system continues to be used in 2022, some of the presidents, governors, deputies and senators will have to be elected.