May 27, 2022

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JBL expands range of gaming headsets with Quantum 350 wireless

JBL expands range of gaming headsets with Quantum 350 wireless

With Quantum 350 Wireless, JBL wants to give gamers the opportunity to experience wireless access on a tight budget. The headset communicates via a 2.4 GHz connection along with a USB adapter, allowing it to be compatible with PCs, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo switches. Quantum 350 wireless has no mini-jack input so other platforms are side by side. A small feature about this headset than other JBL gaming models: the microphone is detachable.

The helmet usually does not show any aesthetic realism by undertaking the design of its colleagues. The left ear cup has a power button and a wheel for volume management. Thumbwheel to adjust game / chat balance, JBL’s second most affordable wireless model, the Quantum 600, does not seem to fit into this new model. The Quantum 350 wireless also has 40mm speakers, which should theoretically provide a signature closer to other headsets. On PC only, Quantum 350 provides some settings for graphic equalizer and microphone with wireless quantum surround, JBL’s 7.1 virtualization algorithm and quantum engine application.

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