May 23, 2022

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The vaccine passport has not yet been implemented in all businesses

The vaccine passport has not yet been implemented in all businesses

Many Tim Hortons restaurants in Laval and others in the province still do not receive electronic tablets that allow them to read their customers’ QR codes. However, the situation should be resolved in the next few days.

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It is for similar situations that Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey said there is still time until September 15 for traders and restaurants to adjust after the vaccination passport is imposed.

The vaccination passport, effective September 1, restricts access to certain activities and unwanted businesses to fully vaccinated individuals.

“We have two weeks to adjust,” Tim Hortons Laval, assistant manager at Ibrahim Dialo, told TVA Novels Camera on Saturday.

“This morning, two gentlemen came inside to eat. I went to talk to them and they both had a code [QR] With them. It is more to raise awareness. In fact, for two weeks, I was not pushing anyone. But after two weeks, they have to have the code to eat inside, ”he added.

Customers who do not have a vaccine passport can still order Tim Horton to pick them up after the September 15 deadline.

Are some reliefs allowed?

In addition, employers may want to take advantage of some discounts due to the vaccine passport. Manufacturers and exporters of Quebec (MEQ) want its members to use the vaccine passport specifically to allow their employees to remove the mask.

“You have to understand that we are in labor shortage,” said MEQ CEO Véronique Proulx.

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“The manufacturing sector has been hit hard by this shortage. The idea is not to lose people, on the contrary, we want to keep everyone. We are always looking for people who work in our factory, in our offices, so the vaccine passport allows us to find out who vaccinated and who did not take and allow these relaxations. To do this with some of the sanitary measures in place, ”she continued.

However, the Dubey office of the Minister stressed that the vaccine passport is not a substitute for the health measures that must be maintained during the fourth wave of coronavirus disease.