May 19, 2022

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78th Venice Film Festival | The deep chaos of the princess

78th Venice Film Festival |  The deep chaos of the princess

(Venice) Mostra only Mound, Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larron focuses on the tragic story of Princess Diana, where he gives Kristen Stewart a chance for a real composition. The film is absurd, the thousand leagues we have seen in this series The Crown.

Mark-Andre Luzier

Mark-Andre Luzier

We were warned before the credits arrived. Spencer, On the run for the Golden Lion, “a story inspired by true tragedy”. If the setting for the feature film really exists, all Pablo Larron wants to include in it is speculation. Going into these imaginary zones is undoubtedly necessary to translate the deep discomfort of a woman looking for authenticity, completely entangled in a system, even the queen at one time, she was the only “currency”.

“I finally wanted to make a movie that my mother loved. I did a lot that he didn’t like! The filmmaker said, ‘We are especially indebted. Nope, Neruda And Jockey. Diana is a very beautiful woman in all her aspects, but I wanted to know how ordinary a woman can be with a remarkable background associated with royalty and aristocracy. ”

The view of the entomologist

We will wait for the opinion of the filmmaker’s mother, but that is not to say that the strange and absurd vision he proposes is unanimous. In which, Spencer Stands out completely from the series The Crown. As if Larron had borrowed the gaze of an entomologist who sees a really strange species. And who wants to study it in depth.

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The more I learned about Diana, the deeper the mystery grew. This mystery, combined with its magnetism, formed the perfect axis for a movie.

Pablo Lorraine

In 1991 of this year, when Diana drove alone behind the wheel of her car to Sandringham House in Norfolk, she lost her way until she went to the cafe to ask for directions to surprised customers. Meanwhile, the filmmaker also showed how service workers prepare the house for Christmas celebrations. For a long time, Diana, always late for everything, was completely alone with herself. We have to wait before we see other members of the royal family. Who are waiting for him.

Photo by Joel C. Ryan, Associated Press

Pablo Larron and Kristen Stewart posed for photographers before attending a press conference exercise. Spencer 78’s is on the run for the Golden LionE Venice Show.

Screenplay by Steven Knight (Burned, Allied), Pablo Larron Sandringham echoes the young woman’s impatience by making the house as miserable as possible, the role he really played by Butler (Timothy Spall) is not clear. The famous Christmas dinner, when the whole royal family, including Diana, finally reunites, takes place in the worst possible atmosphere that no one dares to talk about. We’d love to have an investigative look at one of Charles ’soon-to-be divorces. And Diana began to compare her destiny to that of Anne Boleyn – she also had its vision – of the beheading of Henry VIII, whom she married.

In search of authenticity

Spencer Not a classic biographical drama; He offers Kristen Stewart the opportunity to make a real composition. The actress is doing very well the work you have done in voice, phrasing rhythm, accent, pose in a role that sometimes makes you feel overwhelmed. However, the actress was able to provoke the inner turmoil of a woman who knew how to be sympathetic.

Lady D is often said to be one of the most photographed women in the world, and while her situation may not be the same, Kristen Stewart may have been associated with the subject, as her actions and actions were examined. Media at the time Twilight.

“You know the rumors are completely false, but you can do nothing to correct the situation,” she said. Then you can easily feel trapped. This image does not cite its references or sources. Instead, he imagined a feeling, without any malicious intent. ”

Distributed by Entract Films in Quebec, Spencer Comes into theaters on November 5th.