May 25, 2022

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Vaccine Passport: Refractions are hard to convince

Vaccine Passport: Refractions are hard to convince

The vaccine passport puts pressure on the last cubes to be completely vaccinated, but experts believe the final refraction will never fly.

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Vaccination clinics in Montreal were not crowded at the gate on Saturday.

On the spot, Angela Fafford was also one of the few who wanted to be specifically vaccinated against being harassed by a passport.

“It’s going to the shops, otherwise I wouldn’t have it [la deuxième dose] Before the trip, ”the 43-year-old said.

Large passport

According to data from the National Institutes of Public Health in Quebec, the number of doses injected every day continues to decline despite a new government measure.

“You have to remember that this is not the main purpose of the passport. The idea is to have a higher security margin and a lower risk of transmission, d.R Amir Qadir, Microbiologist.

The former MP opined that if the measure was extended to more places, including universities or shopping centers, there would be a better chance of convincing the final skeptics.

Head of Intensive Care at Charles Le Moin Hospital, dR Jermaine Poyer.

“If we reach 85-90% of the vaccine, I think we can say the mission is complete,” the doctor said.

He reminded us that Quebec is already one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, having doubled the number of vaccines for 80% of people 12 years of age and older.

Avoid harassment

Germain Poier does not believe that granting more powers with a vaccine passport, such as the right to remove his mask, can convince the last recalcitrant.

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At present, the health condition does not allow it, however, reiterating the importance of the vaccine, he said.

“If you do not want to be vaccinated for yourself, at least do it for others,” the doctor pleaded, adding that there were currently three COVID-19 patients in his unit and three people who had not been vaccinated.

It was on top

The number of people vaccinated rose to 29,000 from 291,000 at the end of August


The final estimate is the rate at which people receive at least one dose.

Pay special attention Under pressure

The number of beds sought in intensive care due to COVID-19 has increased by 36% since last week, Health Minister Christian Dubey said on Twitter on Saturday.

“And patients stay longer,” the minister said, but stressed that the number of people in the hospital as a whole was stable.

There were 666 cases reported in Quebec on Saturday, a much more encouraging number than the 750 infections announced on Friday.

Cases explode In Ontario

The number of new cases in Ontario on Saturday crossed the 900 case mark. Not heard from May.

Of the 944 new cases, 736 were people who had not been adequately vaccinated.

The day before, 807 cases had been reported in the most populous province.

The Ford government, which is facing a fourth wave, announced this week that it would follow the example of Quebec by imposing a vaccine passport by September 22nd.

Gift card For those who have not been vaccinated

Alberta, which has become the center of the fourth wave in the country, will give out a $ 100 gift card to those who are vaccinated by October 14th.

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This extraordinary measure was announced just in time for the mandatory wearing of a mask inside the home, and this limit was lifted this summer.

Currently, 70% of Albertans eligible for vaccination receive their two doses, 10% less than in Quebec.

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