May 25, 2022

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A comprehensive version of the employment insurance proposed by Black

A comprehensive version of the employment insurance proposed by Black

Black Cubacos on Monday expressed its desire to see a complete reform of employment insurance to better protect workers.

“This health crisis has left empty holes in the Federal Social Security Network. We will never forget what Ottawa found. [Prestation canadienne d’urgence] Urgently, because existing programs are leaving millions of workers to their fate, “said Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, a Black leader during a morning visit to Blaineville.

The block leader then proposed to provide benefits, especially to self-employed workers, as well as “appropriate” support for young mothers who sometimes consider themselves unemployed after parental leave.

He also reconsidered raising the 15- to 50-week special benefits for Canadians suffering from serious illnesses, a commitment he had already submitted in detail and supported by other federal parties since the start of the election race.

Apart from this reform, Black Cubacois guarantees that it wants to end the two categories of workers in the country by banning strike breakers – a measure under Quebec and not within federal jurisdiction – and by suspending “contract flips”.

“Black Cubacois works so that workers in the federal jurisdiction are treated equally with all other workers in Quebec,” Mr Blanchett insisted.

The creation of pension funds until the end of the Kovid-19 epidemic and the protection of retirees’ pensions by supporting workers and the extension of the Canada Economic Stimulus Benefit (CEP) to those in need are also part of the measures proposed by the block.

The party leader argued that “post-PCRE needs to get a deeper version of job insurance”.

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