May 21, 2022

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Deauville American Film Festival | Stroke victim, Jane Birkin canceled her visit

Deauville American Film Festival |  Stroke victim, Jane Birkin canceled her visit

(Paris) Jane Birkin, 74, “suffered a mild stroke”, “is fine”, but canceled her visit to the American Film Festival in Deauville, her family said in a statement sent to AFP on Monday.

The singer and actress “suffered a minor stroke a few days ago”, can we read in this short text sent by her agent. “She is OK. Her relatives also want us to respect the calm she needs to recover. Jane is eager to find her audience,” it was still written.

In addition to his presence at the Dowville Festival, the artist’s participation in the Cine RenContrace Festival in Quentin was also canceled this week. Jane Birkin had to defend the film at these cinematographic conferences Jane Parr Charlotte, Directed by his daughter Charlotte Gainsburg and performed without competition at the Cannes this summer.

Born in London on December 14, 1946, Jane Birkin remains a French favorite Englishwoman, inseparable from Serge Gainsberg, who was her muse and ambassador. “If the French listen to forty-year-old songs, I know they are part of their history. But they are also part of me,” she published in her diary in 2018. Munkey Diaries. It was in this book that she spoke openly about chronic fighting leukemia, which first appeared in her life in the late 1990s.

Documentary Jane Parr Charlotte, Sensitively and introspectively, shows Jane Birkin’s daily life at her home in Brittany, the passion she shares with her daughter for dogs, and even addresses the painful issues of absence and illness.

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“Our lives revolve around the dead,” Charlotte Gainsburg performed at Cannes, the icon of French music, who died in 1991, along with her father, Serge Gainesborg, and her sister, Kate Barry, daughter of photographer and composer John Barry, who died tragically in 2013 at the age of just 46.

In her last public appearances, whether on stage in Cannes or at the Francopolis de la Rochelle, Jane Birkin showed herself in great form by singing a concert taken from her latest album. Oops! Sorry you are sleeping …, Created with Étienne Daho, and by Serge Gainsberg.