March 21, 2023

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Why is the Delta variant so dangerous?

Why is the Delta variant so dangerous?

The Delta variant has many strengths to suppress the immune system, making it a more dangerous variant of the original strain of COVID-19.

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This was shown by a new study in an earlier publication, but very well documented, “which provides some arguments in favor of Delta and undermining our collective immunity”, Pharmacist Diane Lamare reported in an interview with LCN.

The first advantage of this variant is that it “reflects a lot more,” M explainedTo me Lamarre.

The new study also brings out the lesser known.

“He can enter the cell through the leading ACE2 receptor. It has an attachment and it enters well through that receptor, so it becomes more easily infected,” the pharmacist said.

According to Diane Lamarre, the Delta variant “has the potential to protect against vaccines, but also to protect against infection.”

These factors make this a worrying variant, which, among other things, may explain the increase in cases observed in Quebec in recent weeks.

An alarming increase in intensive care

For Diane Lamarre, the number of intensive care patients registered in the province is alarming.

“We have a lot of cases in intensive care. This means that not only are they hospitalized people, but also those who have problems, who do not manage symptoms well and end up in mechanical ventilation,” the pharmacist said.

She also sees an increase in the percentage of patients in intensive care, when the number of cases last time was equal.

“We go back to May for an equal number of cases. And in May, we hospitalized 20% of those in intensive care. There, we hospitalized 33% of those in intensive care, so now one in three people,” Mr said.To me Lamarre.

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